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July 29, 2011


To say, “… default… is the consequence of a balanced budget amendment" is all wrong. Default, should it come to that, is the symptom of an illness called overspending. Much like fever is the symptom of physical illness. Illness is cured by eliminating that which causes it. We can choose to mask the fever with tax increases so we can continue to live with the disease and spare ourselves today – but without a cure the patient will ultimately succumb to the disease down the road when the medicine finally runs out.

Greece is the canary in the mineshaft. Greece had very high taxes…that didn’t save it. And now taxes are going up further still. Do you think that and the recent IMF bailout puts it on the road to recovery? In fact it still has a 100% chance of default. The people of Greece will suffer for a long time to come because they did not have the fortitude, vision, will and good sense to curb their appetite for borrowed money and enact a balanced budget years ago. Welcome to your future, citizens of the USA.

Note the positive spin on this story of ultimate default by officials who want to minimize contagion to rest of the Eurozone. They will fail to do so…Portugal and Spain are next. When will the USA wake up to the precedent already set by others? Sooner or later, other people’s money runs out.

The answer for the budget is to pass a new budget and not use the device of a spending limit. This is a way to cut without responsibility. It is like a family who goes into a department store, buys a lot of stuff and then says they will only pay part of it. Balance the budget if people want that but do it with the budget, not this dishonest and very unconservative method. I have so little respect right now for the right wing that it is hard to believe. I didn't think it could go lower but it has. I didn't think they could seem more stupid and cruel but they have.

Balance the budget if they want to do that. They passed all these budgets in the past with pork for their own districts (check out if Ron Paul on that) but do it honestly. Is that too much to ask for from Republicans?

One more thing-- the right has gone out of their way to lower taxes on the rich. They want to cut SS, Medicare and any program for the poor or middle which would end even public education if some get their way. Has it occurred to any of them what that means for individual spending and businesses? The rich get a tax cut and frankly don't spend more as they already have all they want. The poor or those on SS get a cut on what is available and they already were spending all they had. Now they won't have as much and there go more businesses. These people in the tea part don't have a clue and those who do really want to destroy this country and I don't know what they hope to gain. A population of serfs?

I agree with DJ

There is an insanity in our government...America borrows money from China or elsewhere, or prints it, to spend overseas.

How has this illness manifested? It is a weakness in the system whereby legislators, in order to get re-elected, create and pass irresponsible legislation to please the special interests that got them elected.

This is insidious and works well into Obama's plan which is to break the system so that a new one can be created that looks more like the European social democracy model.

This may please "progressives" but I don't see Europe doing so well either.

Besides you guys...THERE IS NO MONEY! It's gone. Now we are exactly like a household that has over-maxed out their credit and must live frugally while they sweat and toil to pay off creditors. No more extras or freebies. It's down to bare bones survival or the country dies as we know it.

I am not a tea partier or any partier at all, but it is easy to see why TPers have become so intransigent. How could this happen to the USA? It is unbelievable that this conveyor belt of corrupt, amoral legislators has been allowed to do this for decades or more. We're dummer than dumb and the tea partiers are some of the few who have woken up and are saying "WTF"? Kind of like someone who wakes up to burglars in the room and tries to kill the burglar before they get killed.

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