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July 05, 2011


"Again, sometimes it makes sense to go into debt. Sometimes it doesn't."

I think part of the problem with continuing to go in debt at this point is that the current administration, it's advisers, czars, and the previous liberal controlled "push everything through before we lose our jobs" House of Representatives, have increased spending, spent many billions in stimulus money, increased the number of government jobs and increased their wages... And this has done nothing in the way of improving either the economy, nor the unemployment rate. Which is strange for a group that has said many times "Jobs are the number 1 priority". I won't mention Joe Biden's three letter JOBS quote. Oops, I just did.

Just this morning the Jobs Report revealed yet another crumby month of employment gains. 18,000 were created. At the same time, 545,000 new claims for unemployment were filed. To add more insult to injury, the previous month's figures were revised as well, from 54,000 new jobs, down to 10,000. (how do you miscount with an 81% error?)

The bottom line here is we need to get people back to work. People working creates income that can be spent to make the economy grow, and taxes that can fund our government. Increasing government spending and creating even more govt positions doesn't make sense if you don't have a healthy economy to leach from.

Brian you have no concept of taxing. Increasing taxes on corporations means that the price of products will have to go up to cover the taxes,(a form of inflation inflicted directly on people. Take a look at Oregon's gas tax some time.) and jobs will be cut to cover the costs. You want it both ways... you want to control the companies prices, and force them to maintain job positions to the point of going under. (fundamentally this is what unions are notorious for)

Now with most of the advisers that created the financial situation gone (bailed, most back to their old class room jobs at large liberal colleges)... Big O is looking kinda disconnected. But now he is doing what he does best... campaign.

Gotta wonder if people are going to want to have another 4 years like the last come election day this time.

BTW, those poll numbers are probably pretty close regarding 60 some percent feel they are not taxed enough. That falls right in line with the fact that almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes and/or receive welfare from the government. The Progressive Marxist dream. Redistribution of wealth.(which by the way is still looking for a win in the 'perfect government' column.) The poll should concentrate on asking individuals that actually pay taxes.

If I came home and found my septic tank had flooded my house I would not raise my ceiling. I would pump out the shit.

That is what we need to do with our nation's debt. It isn't a GOP/Dem issue, however convenient it might be to blame one party over another.

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