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April 14, 2011


Bringing a fertilized egg to full term and then nurturing an infant human is the sole and entire purpose of a female body. Most female bodies accomplish this task. There is no penalty imposed upon a female who does not accomplish this biological directive. The genes do not care.

All the rest of life is how this does, or does not, get accomplished. It does not get any simpler than that.

Well as a woman but not necessarily a feminist even though I do believe in female power and espouse it for my granddaughter now and used to for my daughter, I still like to look sexy. I don't buy magazines to do it though and barely have noticed what ones are on the newsstand beyond that Elvis is still alive and doing a drag show in Louisiana.

Now to be stupid about it at my age (67) would mean I'd look like a drag queen but it is possible to wear clothes, hair, make up that still is very female and not go over the line to a bad joke. I've seen women who just give up, those who try too hard, and those who just let what is natural to them happen which for some is to stay sensual in clothing and style. I gave up miniskirts shortly after turning 60 and do try to follow some of the rules for appropriate look for a woman of a certain age but you know it's just fun to be a womanly woman and I don't plan to give that up until I have to which I suppose might come but hasn't just yet. I don't do it for men though or other women. I do it for me. I do notice though that men approve of it and generally not in a crass way. Incidentally I also like men who are still looking virile and sexy too. Viva la difference.

Nothing wrong with looking your very best, Rain. Vanity is universal.

I view feminism as a valid countermeasure against overbearing male domination and the tendency to demand that females be subservient to males unequivocally and without question. The human species could never survive for long under such conditions. It just seems that feminism's most outspoken proponents seem to have an axe to grind about the gender role that was forced upon them by birth.
It's just plain tough to be a human being, period, (no pun intended) regardless of gender.

Not totally sure how/why i ended up reading this blog post almost 3 years after it was written - the joy of the internet is that these things are timelessly available to all. I'm wondering if perhaps you are missing a key part of the feminist message - that we should not be satisfied with status quo. The same instinctual concepts that you have noticed could be argued to be a major reason for obesity - our instincts tell us to eat calorie dense food "just in case". But our reasoning brain tells us to fight this.
Let's say advertising IS targeting this primordial soup we call brain stems, are we satisfied to resort to our lowest common factors? Should we not argue that we are more than the sum of our parts? Can't we ask more of ourselves than what instinct wants for us? I'm sort of rambling, and i do think that women are a big part of the problem, but i think the answer you may be looking for is this - feminists (and i'm not one) are asking us to consciously evolve past our caveman roots.

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