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April 10, 2011


It's no longer illegal to buy them from Canada? I had no idea as last I knew you could purchase them but also get them confiscated. One senior woman tried to cross the border with them as she had before and gotten stopped in a very threatening way plus lost the whole package for a prescription she'd been using for years. I had no idea the law had changed. It should if it has as it's a way to get the costs down.

Rain, here's a few links regarding the legality issue. Technically, apparently it is still illegal to import prescription drugs into the United States from overseas. Practically, this prohibition isn't enforced on individual consumers. See:




It seems that the situation is sort of akin to medical marijuana. Federal law prohibits what's allowed at the state level. But the Obama administration isn't using federal power to go after state dispensaries/users.

Millions of Americans, likely, get prescriptions filled from Canada and other countries. Good luck on stopping that. Almost certainly won't happen. More likely is that eventually it'll be legal to buy (legal) drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

IT sounds like it can be enforced arbitrarily and a person has an economic risk if they choose to do it. I have no idea how many are right now. I have also seen the ads. Maybe if enough do it, it won't end up a problem. The person I know had a mother who had been buying from Canada for years and then had them confiscate what she had purchased and she lost the money she had put into it. It should be legalized to buy from there and there'd not be the problem with Medicare going up so much.

Rain, Canada Pharmacy says they have 500,000 satisfied patients. And that's only one Canadian pharmacy. (They don't ship within Canada, so all of these patients are non-Canadian, mostly American.) I suspect the risk is greater if someone is physically crossing the border and bringing back prescription drugs. There are many laws on the books that aren't enforced. And who doesn't break the speed limit when a cop isn't around?

yeh, Canada! you should all live here...our
current federal election stumping is just
2 months!!! not 2 years!! BC is beautiful,
though super over-taxed...that's we go to the USA for gas +shopping. yeh!

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