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April 16, 2011


Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for 3 weeks for a soluition to my bird "issue". This little bird has been driving me crazy! I put a piece of masking tape diagonal on my window and my little bastard bird pulled it all off!!! I couldn't believe it! So then we crinkled up some tin foil and taped it to the window and its trying its best to pull that off too. I cant wait to get to the store to get some netting!!!!

Your "robin" problem post really made my day! I am still laughing! I am about to clean my wrap-around porch for the second time after one little lone, male bluebird has decided to "attack" 4 windows on the porch. I am about to get on my hands and knees and clean four dried up piles of bird doo under each one. At first we thought it was cute. Now I am labeling him "bastard bluebird"! I have a roll of netting (never kept the birds off of my blueberry bushes) I will put up in the next hour! Thank you! (I am still laughing!)

Cathy, best of luck. Your nickname for the bluebird is most appropriate. I realize that animals basically act on instinct, but that doesn't stop me from hating robin window-pecking. For some reason we haven't had any problems this year. Maybe the word has gotten around the Bastard Robin community, "Don't go there."

I am laughing (and pulling out my hair!)as I read this, AND as I watch and listen to our pesky little robin incessantly pecking away! Unfortunately he (or she) has chosen the largest picture window, with a permanent baluster railing just inches away (for perfect positioning) as his main attack point. I have tried taping sheeting across the window, spraying the baluster with insect repellent, sprinkling red cayenne pepper,... etc.,etc. to NO avail!!!
This knock, knock, knocking has been going on and on ALL day long for at least the last 6 days without stopping. We thought we had scared him off enough times to deter him when we started hearing the rap, rap rapping again...! This crazed robin is now attacking ALL of the windows on every side of our house! (Not to even mention the piles of poop he leaves in his wake!)
Thinking of calling a handyman to demo and sheet rock over all the glass doors and windows at this point!
Thanks for the laugh though...

Nice detailed story - I, too, have seen the owl thing fail. It is like it invites them rather than repels.
My trouble is a glass storm door. I cannot put netting round that or it won't open. So far the mirrors on my car and the door are the only targets.
and it isn't just that it is pesky. the volumes of fecal matter they deposit on the window sills nearby and the area round the door contain health hazards.

We had a cardinal driving us crazy for 2 years attacking our windows which are treated with an expensive sun guard. The bird has scratched them up!!! We recently purchased pinwheels and mounted on the out side window sills (only 2 so far). It works!!!! They are inexpensive, colorful and festive. We ordered ours on Amazon.

Solution -car wax glass, cuts reflection. We had robins pecking as side windows, of 2 bedrooms... mirror effect would happen just at sun-up! Desparate, to dull the outside face of glass. We had a can of new car wax...waxed these small Side windows, dried in swirls, cut glare, let dry...dont buff to gloss, let paste dry.

Then on inside, windows are covered by blinds, on other side of bedroom are windows not
reflecting, not getting pecked.

Voila! Stopped bird pecks immediately....
windows are on side no one sees outside...

The best thing I've found is NOT TO CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS during the birding season. Stops them flying into the glass too.
I also laughted like hell..thanks for you great article.LOL

lol...living with this problem for 2 months & having tried everything, thanks for the suggestions & the giggles!

We have a robin doing the EXACT thing as I type this. I was up all night with my 3yo who has night/day confused, so I am at the point where bird murder is not far from my mind. We have low windows and I thought well if my dogs were outside that would stop the freakin bird... Not so much. He waits for my dogs to walk away and starts the pecking again. Now I was at my wits ends, and had no clue what to do, so I tapped a picture of an owl to the window. Not sure if that's going to work or not. Probably not though. I am going to put some aluminum foil up, and when I've had some sleep, get some netting. Thank you so much for posting thus!

So funny but SO annoying all that pecking! I use bird netting for many things. I cover cucumber plants to keep the ground hogs from eating them up and stuff entry holes under porch to keep out coons. Use full stuff and now another use, THANKS!

Here was my solution...pellet gun...works every time :-)!

Great story. I really enjoyed it.

I came across your article because we have a pesky robin we call "Narcissus" who constantly attacks our windows. I did notice though when another bird, a flicker, came near, he did not attack it and ran away. So, we no longer hold to the theory that this robin is an alpha male. Also since there are about five-hundred robins across the street he is completely blind to, I do not believe he is spoiling for a fight. I think he is taking on the safest adversary he can defeat: himself.

Thank you for the advice, but I think only tough love and broom will solve my problem (just kidding), he leaves when I pull the blinds down. :) I am glad that I do not have to put up netting, since I am terrified of seeing dumber-than-a-rock him or his stupider-than-a-stick wife or their dumb and stupid kids hanging upside down or tangled up like early Christmas ornaments in anything I might hang in front of my windows.

I wanted to point out one thing, man and bird do not differ that much. Man keeps away other males from his mate by placing a shiny ring on her finger which like the metallic tape you hung in your window is supposed to frighten other males away ;). Unfortunately for birds, they do not have enough lining in their nests to purchase a diamond encrusted bird band for their seasonal beloved, so they must go birdo a birdo instead. Well, not my bird, other normal robins.

WE ARE VERY STRESSED ... this is our 2nd year for the PECKISH Robins and their terrible mess on windows, sills and all over everything. Hubby is on night shift and can't lose so much sleep. These birds are waking him up at 7AM after only 2 hour sleep. I have netting and will Help to put it up today .... especially on the bedroom windows.

So it's an entertaining story and a good solution for house windows, but I have a robin sitting on my car, obsessively pecking at the car windows and helpfully detailing my black finish with white "pinstriping". I don't think the netting will work in this case, unless I remove and reinstall it every time I drive my car. It is true that misery loves company, though, so it's good to know I'm not alone!

Ok, I have you all beat... The whole back of my house is glass, including an attached greenhouse with a slanted glass roof. At first our dumb bird was pecking at a normal window. We heard "flap peck flap flap peck flap" in quick succession, then get a brief respite while he catches his breath. Then he found the greenhouse. He flies to the top and starts pecking, and pecks all the way down (steep enough that he slides) then flies back to the top to start over again. The netting would probably help with my normal vertical windows, but I think it would give him grip on the greenhouse, though maybe he would just be able to go ahead and take himself out that way.

I have tried everything for 3 weeks. I finally called Wild Birds Unlimited and they told me to coat my windows with Ivory bar soap. This particular soap leaves a cloudy residue to cut down the reflection. The also recommended Window Alert UV Liquid that they sell at Walmart and trust blacking out the windows! I will be trying this and hope it helps others out too!!

Had a pesky robin driving me crazy attacking the window every few minutes. I solved the problem by printing out an 8X11 color print of a cat attacking. You know, fangs showing and paw in a strike mode (google attacking cat pic). I taped on the outside of the window and can see the bird coming in to attack, but flaring off as he perceives the cat! Scares the little bugger off! Problem solved.

I need help with my car windows. The same bird is drive bombing one house window but he just bounces off the screen. My car windows are his target. Front, both sides and rear. Regardless where we park he finds our two cars and one neighbor's two cars. Every day I am washing off my car. My husbands laughs and says this 3 oz bird is keeping my neighbors and us from using our driveway. Look at his power. I fail to appreciate the humor.

The Disney princess stickers on the window put there by my young daughters did not scare Fruit Loops the insane Robin away from our window, but the picture of the black and white cat face is working so far. Fruit Loops looks confused as he sits in the tree next to the window.

This Robin problem has happened here in Virginia in 2014 and now again in March 2015. The advice I got was to find their nest before they lay eggs and destroy it. The Robin involved will go away but if the problem persists you may have multiple Robins and nests.

It's happening in upper northwest DC right now. Very Hitchcockian.

It seems chaffinches do it aswell! We've got one rapping at the window the last few days. Just drawn the curtain which has a dark blue lining, almost fully over and he/ she has stopped. Peace but a darker room!

After 48 hours of a female robin crashing, pecking & pooping on my deck, I've resorted to the internet for help. I appreciate all the stuff I've read here. I've closed my drapes, but this crazed bird seems to hunt for ME. It is now on our patio, under the deck leering in at me and following ME from window to window. Even my very "interested" cats don't deter this idiot bird. I'm very tempted to let the cats run free outdoors awhile, but being the bird lover that I am, I won't. This is day #2 of bird torture. Time to hose down the patio & deck.

Our house is also under attack by a male AND pregnant female robin. First it was just the female kept attacking a window (part of a bay window) near our deck where she could perch and poop on the deck railing. I taped aluminum foil and strips of paper to several places on the window hoping to stop it. It did for a while, but then she found the places where no foil or paper exists, and started going to the front of the house & attacking a window near where a bench sits on the front porch. Last night the male started attacking the other two of the bay windows near the deck while she sat in the middle of a tree that is nearby next to the house. There is a nest in the top. I too am at my wits end as to how to stop this. It's driving me crazy, and they seem to only peck when I'm the only one at home, ha! Thanks for your suggestion of the netting. I will check this out at my local hardware store today.

As I listen to the doink doink doink of the robin against my window, I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your posting, and how a google search of "bird behavior robin window" got me to it! I went outside just feet away and asked him, "what the hell are you doing?" He stared at me for awhile, then returned to his pointless task. Later when I was on the deck above the window, he flew up to the railing and flitted his butt at me! How rude!

Time for netting!

I had no idea that this was a common problem! We have been in the same house for 25 years and have never had this happen before. Our Bastard Robin has been pecking for 3 days - sometimes he sits on our kitchen window sill and pecks, sometimes on the back of a deck chair and launches himself at the window that is a few inches away. Our cat even jumped on the chair and sat down staring at the bird about a foot away and the bird did not care! Our cat wears a bell to warn birds (and has never killed one to my knowledge) and clearly is not inclined to do so - but at this point I am almost wishing he would!
Sure got a good laugh from the article!

Same problem here in Woodstock Ontario...Robin has been pecking at various location on the south and west side of windows around the house. I'm tempted to get out the pellet gun but I want to try other options first

Shoot the bird.

I have try everything on this earth and have been not successful of getting rid off "my Psychopathic robin" It has destroyed parts of our exhaust system in the house, all windows are covered in its feces and scratched... Help please

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