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April 16, 2011


Our demented robin's name is Tipsy, and this is his 2nd year. I have a beautiful, large leaded glass surround & intricate transom round my front door. The door & transom are 2 stories high. Tipsy started his tapping & musical dance routine last year. I tried everything, including carpet tack strips all along the brick ledge that separate the door & the bottom of the transom. NOTHING WORKED! Tipsy joined us last spring, stayed the ENTIRE summer, and didn't leave until the birds flew south toward the end of fall. Now, Tipsy isn't your usual territorial robin, You see, Tipsy doesn't have a "real" mate. Tipsy thinks his reflection is his mate! He tries to feed his reflection worms ALL DAY long. There is bird poop everywhere on the brick ledge & my front porch. There is also worm guts all over my window! It's quite disgusting!!! When Tipsy left last fall, I'd hoped we were done, after all, he's obviously not too smart. I was hoping he'd get lost in his bird migration, never to return. Alas, my hopes were dashed, when Tipsy retuned last month! He's back & demented as ever. He's now decided to mix it up though. He varies his tapping & feeding between the transom & the 4 large windows (also with transoms) of my nearby study. I have a beautiful magnolia bush, which he has found to his liking, which means he can choose between a 1 foot lunge or an 8 foot flap. I guess I'm off to buy Ivory soap. It's worth a try, although won't be the least bit attractive. Just wait until Tipsy discovers my antique medical collection housed in my study. I don't expect the antique medical instruments & books to catch his face, and thank goodness he can't get to the expanse of the glass in the display cases! However, if he takes note, there is a rather large preserved leech among the bloodletting tools. Heaven forbid, Tipsy get a hankering for that "large worm"!!! Now I'm off to buy soap, and wondering if the mother duck will return to nest in my penstemon again this year. She was quite the mannered lady. Rarely made noise, dug out a little spot for her nest & duckling, then they all quietly moved out in the night. Sadly, it was without so much as a thank you note!

Robin pecking at the window. My son put a tarp over the window. It worked. No pecking. Then my son was not with me anymore and I scotchtaped newspapers over the window and that also worked. No more pecking

Our attacker is leaving blood as well as poop. I'm thinking of taking down the nearby birdhouse, tho its been there ever since we moved into Bend 7 years ago and this is our first year of attacks. He's going after one upstairs window and two sets downstairs, one picture windows on the end of the house and one set facing a porch. Too much to net, plus I'd have to buy an expensive ladder to reach the upstairs window.

We have had a very big Robin (momma full of eggs?) attacking our car..we put plastic bags on the mirrors..but had to eventually cover the car with it’s full cover (we had purchased for when we are away..some time ago because of sap dropping). Then the bird started attacking our porch door window..I mean incessantly..while I stood there even. That window is now covered by a very crinkly plastic..on the outside. The stickers I put in the inside did not work. The plastic seems to work..but she/he is in a nearby bush...being very noisy whenever I am out there.. Am sure it looks like some crazies live at our house..

Like one other person commented, my husband and I have lived in our home for 15 years and never had "Robins" exhibit this behavior, Spring, Summer or whatever the season. On occasion, we would have a Red-headed Woodpecker or two and an occasional bright yellow wild canary peck on or fly into the windows, but NEVER "Robins". So bizarre to me that they have decided to start this behavior now. Do you think that this is primarily a Spring season problem? My husband had already tried all the tips suggested in article, but they still peck at windows. Robins seem to have just lost their minds this year. I grew up with parents who were serious bird lovers. Had all kinds of bird feeders, spent plenty of money on bird seed for all kinds of birds in my child-hood home backyard. Never had "Robins" act this way. This is all very "Hitchcocky". Seems like a real life movie being filmed, and nobody let us in on the joke. So creepy, disturbing and amazing that this seems to be going on all over the country, according to some of the comments/responses from people. I noticed that there are statues one can put in garden and on decks to keep away pesky wildlife. When any critter of any kind comes within 25 feet, the small statue emits an annoying ultrasound at a frequency heard only by critters as well as flashing of the eyes of the statue. I am going to try those and sit on our decks, etc. They are carried in a catalog called Harriett Carter. They are also on sale right now. Hope this can be another solution for myself and everyone. Good Luck. Due to this being a wide-spread problem, I think we are going to need it! Lol. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Oh sweet jesus! I know you're already buried under 9 springs worth of comments, but lordie me, I laughed so much reading this post—PLUS, you answered all my questions about the peculiar robin getting weird with our sliding glass door. THANK YOU.

I have crazy Robin car windows and door!! Have tried owls owl sounds ! Blacken windows and even shooting with a bird shot!! And still crap every were!!!! Seriouly need help to get crazy bird to stop!!

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