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April 16, 2011


I just recently started to have a problem. Two Bluebirds, I believe, are tormenting my truck. Just started less than a week ago. A Friend recommended getting the sticky rat traps and placing them where the birds sit. I will probably try this only as a last resort. I don't want to shoot them myself, I may try the window soaping thing. Really getting under my skin.

This is a very common problem, and not restricted to robins. It is restricted to male territory protection during mating season. We have it too, now for the first time, but only on a single inoperable window with no screen to fuzz up the reflection. We have added a stick-on raptor pattern there to see if that is effective. The problem will go away, and it is not bothering any other reflective surface.

People suggesting killing the offender or destroying the nest should know that in the US it is a crime to do so. Lighten up.

Had the same problem. Drove us crazy. 5:00 am every morning the bird (Robin) would start banging against the windows. Our sleep patterns were so disrupted that we began seeing the effects at work. One morning I sat outside and watched this bird. He never attacked the window from the air. He always landed on the sill before going nuts. He would land, THEN observe his reflection and attack. I went on the web and found a product designed to keep pigeons away from ledges. It is called "Bird-B-Gone" . I purchased it from Amazon. It was a little expensive... $18.00 for two tubes. It is a clear gel that is so sticky it is almost unbelievable. It won't harm the bird but it makes his experience on the sill pretty damn unpleasant. I put a 1/2 bead of this stuff all along the window sill. (You can't really see it when applied) I found they can't launch an attack on the window if their feet are stuck to the sill. Their attention goes immediately from their reflection to freeing their feet. Done deal. They do get away but they get the message really fast. No more bird attacks and I didn't have to shoot the damn thing. BUY THIS STUFF. IT WORKS. I hope this helps some other poor suffering bastard. Good Luck!

just like all here..... off to the internet to get some advice since nothing is working, and found your great and hilarious story!
I don't know what type of bird or birds I am dealing with because they are pecking at a window that is covered by drapes and a bookshelf, my living room has too much light. so, its not a clear reflection, done most things recommended with nothing working, I have severe insomnia and the bloody thing is waking me at 5:30am. The beast has been destroying my screens, ripping them to shreds, after reading that they use it for nests, I was so happy!!!! just take the screens down and all the pecking will be done. nope.
so I have resorted to putting up chicken wire. I am sure my landlord is going to love that! but I am ready to cry and that is what I have here.....too sleep deprived to drive safely.
I will go to the store and try the special netting too, just hope it won't be used for nests too. thanks again for your great sense of humor, its a great relief! and a great help too

Thanks for all the info folk. Although this is funny it is no laughing matter, my enemy is a sparrow but my main issue would have to be the volume of droppings, three months in and their mounting up!
Just trying a life size picture of a cats stuck to the inside of the glass. I've really had enough so the air-gun will be out soon.
Best wishes all
Bert {nearly sunny Essex. UK}

The first day, it was cute. Stupid bird. hahaha. But after a week it has become a constant, aggravating nuisance. My windows are scratched. We are going out today to buy an air soft gun. The robin(s) are going to die this weekend.

Love your story! I bought some privacy window cling (at Home Depot) for the window on my front door that has been pecked on for days. It seems to be working but, only once I put it on the outside of the window. My current problem is that he hangs out on the rear view mirrors of my car while waiting to attack my front door. He attacks my car windows & is pooping all over my new car 😡 I thought about hiring someone with a pellet gun to handle this but in Michigan he is the State Bird (I've been told it's illegal) also I don't want his little life taken over this & besides if they got him they would probably shoot my windows in the process. How can I get this "Crappy Robin" off of my car? Im going to try car wax on my windows...but, what can I put on my rearview mirrors to get him to stop perching there? Spikes on suction cups? All suggestions are welcome!

2017 and this is still a problem. Our bastard robin is pecking at (and pooping on the sils of)5 large kitchen windows that open into our beautiful spring garden. I reluctantly lowered the shades after cleaning up the first round of poo. That did nothing. Put our cat out on the stoop which worked great for keeping him/her away but the cat was pleading and begging to come in (you know, the old paws plastered to the window above her head and slowly dragging them down the pane in a dramatic, "let me in!" fashion. Softie that I am, I finally caved and let her back in. Today I'm headed to the shed for my blueberry net to give it a chance to earn its keep pre-berry season. Thanks for the laugh and the great suggestion.

I'm dealing with a crazy Robin now!!! I work midnight shift so this Robin is now driving me crazy. I think I'm going to us a BB gun!!! I was hoping the bird would go away but I'm into day 10. This bird also made a mess of my deck and it looks like it's spreading it's feces I onto the windows.

I've lived in my house for 13 years and have never had this problem. This stupid Robin started a few weeks ago pecking at my front door. It's all glass. Fake panes. It literally pooped on three of my bunnies on my wreath that Id just spent alit of time on so I brought the wreath in. I've tried foil, sheets on inside and streamer type things. I just cringe when I hear him. Wakes me every morning. I won't kill animals but I'm coming very close to murder on this one!!! Lol.

I have had the same issue as well w/birds roosting & playing on our vehicles. Mostly it's been robins, but occasionally cardinals & some jays. They see their reflection & think it's competition- especially during mating season (which is usually March thru May in central MD.)

They hang out on the cars, mostly on the mirrors, peck @ the windows, & poop on the mirrors (that they use for roosting) ...& they also poop all down the side of the car. The back of my side mirror is usually a total mess.

I've had some luck w/a few things: I placed a fake owl on the bushes by the cars. It worked for a while but then the birds came back & actually began perching ON the owl. A scarecrow would have probably garnered the same the same response. I tried a car cover & then that got pooped on. Hanging a bird feeder in a farther away place simply provided a place to eat, then they would come back re-energized & resume pecking. Bird cut outs have helped -just static cling a few on the windows.

So, what I DID find out was that holographic bird tape (available @ Home Depot, Target, or most bird/wildlife stores) works wonders. However, you need to install a good amount of it. It will keep most of the birds away. They hate almost everything about the tape - like the fluttering, the reflection, & even the noise it makes when it flaps in the wind.

People should know that in the US it is a federal crime to kill or do harm to birds (or their nesting areas.) I am a falconer & have had access to larger birds of prey (e.g. a red-tailed hawk & a peregrine falcon..) These are a lot bigger birds with talons that can do serious damage. People should be thankful that these little robins & similar bird breeds are not the ones that can wreak the type of havoc the larger birds can do ...or make the large messes.

While I sympathize w/the people that have had their cars & house windows messed on & messed up, it should NOT come down to shooting these birds. They're only trying to live their life & carry on their species. They're only going to do this for a short period of time. There are many natural ways to fend off these birds & absolutely no reason to resort to hurting or killing.

We have exactly the same problem as the OP! (April, 2017 Denver). the little bugger prefers the bedroom windows from about 6:15 until we are up -- then he moves around to the dining room and to the living room and home office.
He is driving us crazy.
I do NOT have the vegetarian problem , and would gladly wring the neck of this little sleep pirate. I am looking for a BB gun to borrow.

I love all the wild creatures in my back yard from a plethora of birds to the occasional fox, squirrels, racoons, deer,etc. our rowdy robin started 3 days ago with a couple of Cardinals and some wrens. all the other birds have stopped but R2 (r squared rowdy robin) persists. I've tried white covering on the inside, hanging things on the outside and still he persists usually starting at 5:45 am. I understand this is a territory issue. I also go by the philosophy that you eat what you kill and I have no taste for robin but after 3 days with no results (and no sleep) I've decided to remove this defective bird from the general pool...marksmanship matters

After living in our Maryland house for 13 years with no problem, this robin nastiness started last Spring, and again started April 1st this year. They start up at 6:30 a.m. every morning, crashing into almost every window in our 2 story home with LOTS of windows. They tend to be mostly interested in the windows on the first floor near a few large evergreen trees (I cannot see a nest, but there is probably one in the tree(s). Anyway, I too have tried almost everything: a spray that I purchased at Wild Birds Unlimited - sprayed where I first thought they were attacking. It was waste of money because the birds just moved on to other windows. I hung deflectors (bought on Amazon), strips of aluminum foil, cayenne pepper spray, pictures of cats, fake owl, fake snakes, even running outside and "shooing" them -- crazy lady that I am! Netting is impossible - I have a tremendous amount of windows on two levels and am not able to get up on a ladder. I also wouldn't trust my aim with a gun of any type! I think I remember last year that they stopped abruptly after about a month or so - perhaps after the "mating season", or after the eggs hatch???? Does anyone have knowledge and experience of HOW long this will last? For me, it's definitely robins. I'm willing to continue with my ear plugs for sleep (works!), and wait it out. Just want to know how much more. . . it's been almost a month!

Rosemary, seemingly you should be near the end of the window pecking. However, the robins may have two broods. I found this web page that says pecking can occur from May until early August, though like you, we've found that robin pecking can begin in April.


We have a robin nesting in a bush close to our front door, as happened in the same place last year, but fortunately we haven't had any window pecking.

and what do you do when it is a SEAGULL pecking, its setting off the alarm at 5.30 a.m. too.

Thank you for this article and comments. I thought I was losing my mind. I have never heard of this bird behavior before. I honestly considered that my Mother had reincarinated to this bird and was trying to get to her bedroom.

We have an Eastern Towhee that started nesting here last year and picked a fight every day with a back window and we chuckled and ignored it. This year it came back and decided the rear view mirrors on our new car and next door neighbor's were his enemy. I ignored it the day it started until I noticed the streams of excrement and actual marks on the arm of the mirrors and door. Ut oh! My husband is more "rural-practical" about dealing with animal nuisances and I was worried he might take drastic measure.
I simply covered each window with a plastic grocery bag that I kept in the car to solve the problem. But I am still fascinated by it. I cannot find any specific info on this bird and it's aggressive nature. It chased and fought with families of birds in our back yard that have been here for years. Anyone have any info. Such a pretty guy (I think a guy?) but seemed kind of like a bully!

The picture of the cat: beautiful and priceless. Thanks, all these years later, for a good laugh!

Well I see I’m not alone on this bird quest! This is my 2nd year of dealing with psycho robins however this year they started attacking my car windows and leaving an awful mess on each side mirror and down the side doors! I’m going to wash the car , once again, and cover each mirror with a plastic bag and rubber bands to hold it on then I may try the Dove soap on the side windows to deter further pecking. I hope this works!

Thank you for this post. From reading the responses, I'm realizing this could go on for 3 or more weeks? Did this bird follow me 30 miles up the road to Cracker Barrel? Because when I came out, I had to clean my windshield because a bastard bird had been fighting itself there, as well. I blocked my car, with an owl. It worked. Then it moved to upstairs door, keeping it away from there with a stack of bean bag seats piled up. Then it went to the living area's windows and I decided kill yourself, bird. I guess I can live with the noise. This is a first for me. I hope the Robin moves on. And yes, it is a Robin.
PS, it will move on next year, right?

Well, I just read this whole post and every single comment, hoping to run into someone with the exact issue so that I could use their solution! No luck. We have a huge enclosed trailer that we normally keep parked next to our barn in the backyard. It's black with a nice 'chrome'-ish section in the middle... and, you know, only costed us thousands of dollars... Nbd. This darn Robin sits on the fenders and attacks the sides of the trailer alllllll day long. Leaving behind that lovely bird poop and it's peck marks. It's driving us nuts!! I know we can't kill it... I know, I know, I know. RELAX! But that doesn't mean I can't dream about it. Lol!

I've charged at it 3 times this morning, and since then it's noticed me in the doorway and flown away. So ha! Lol but seriously, my neighbors are going to think I've lost my mind.

I don't think the netting would help here, but I'm about to go hunt online for a tarp big enough to cover it. Hope I find one!

If I were your neighbors I would seriously give thought to moving. The birds are behaving as they are prewired to do. You two seem to be frustrated , grouchy , intolerable seniors that should be living away from living things.

We named our bastard robin Bonkers.

I stopped our robins by removing the image of him/her. I just pinned a tea towel over the window so that they couldn’t see themselves. It stopped immediately.

Two weeks later I unpinned it and took it down. No harm done.

They also tried to peck the basement window so I put a piece of cardboard over it so they couldn’t see themselves and this worked also. We did have to nail it in place though as the robins tried to remove it to look behind it. We then removed it after the chicks hatched. It worked as well. Good luck - Maxine

I have given the pesky little fellas a few names myself, originally thinking, at one time, that I simply had a mentally challenged nut! After years of the same insane pecking, I finally realized.... It must be "normal"? I started sitting pictures in the window, sometimes having to tape them up at the main pecking point. This actually has worked quite well for me.

Thank you for the laughs regarding this irritating problem! We have had 4 days worth of a very diligent Robin bashing and fluttering against our dining room bay window and pecking on our window while sitting on the windowsill outside. It USED to be white. After doing a little research, I decided to affix some shiny wide ribbon to the outside of the window but it only forced the Robin to flutter and peck on another area of the window. Today I placed a shepherd's hook right next to the window and hung my garden owl on it, hoping that would work. Nope. Caught the dang bird perched atop the Owl's head and using it as his launching pad to continue assaulting my window. After reading all of the other things people have tried with zero results, tomorrow I will try using car wax that has not been polished off OR soap. My window is a royal mess. Can't wait for them to find a new home.

I have the same issue with a female robin. When it started I spent some time watching to see why the all of the sudden interest in my window. Turns out she’s building a nest on the gutter down spout right above this window. Yes it’s quite annoying but I don’t want to destroy all her efforts to build a nest and lay eggs. I’ll let her stay until her babies have hatched and are off on their own. Then the nest comes down. I just don’t understand how she could peck at the same window nonstop for hours on end everyday. You’d think that would classify as insane!

I think Bastard Robin’s offspring are attacking my house lasting from 5:30am to roughly 6:30pm in western Colorado. Little bastards 2020 are such a joy given the current world-wide quarantine. Consider my shit, lost. As you can imagine this is not an ideal time with the toilet paper shortage and all. Wish me luck.

Rubber snakes is all I have to say! It may scare the amazon delivery guy the first time but no worries you can explain why!
We had to put rubber snakes on each side of the Front door because the dogs toys weren’t scary enough! But ya have to move the snakes around once in a while so they think they are alive. We have a pregnant female and a male always tapping at front door and large window just right of door. They even squawked at me when I was out doing yard work because I was there too long and it was disrupting there work to destroy all other robins, ugh!
I was wondering why the neighbors had pin wheels in there front yard!

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