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April 16, 2011


Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for 3 weeks for a soluition to my bird "issue". This little bird has been driving me crazy! I put a piece of masking tape diagonal on my window and my little bastard bird pulled it all off!!! I couldn't believe it! So then we crinkled up some tin foil and taped it to the window and its trying its best to pull that off too. I cant wait to get to the store to get some netting!!!!

Your "robin" problem post really made my day! I am still laughing! I am about to clean my wrap-around porch for the second time after one little lone, male bluebird has decided to "attack" 4 windows on the porch. I am about to get on my hands and knees and clean four dried up piles of bird doo under each one. At first we thought it was cute. Now I am labeling him "bastard bluebird"! I have a roll of netting (never kept the birds off of my blueberry bushes) I will put up in the next hour! Thank you! (I am still laughing!)

Cathy, best of luck. Your nickname for the bluebird is most appropriate. I realize that animals basically act on instinct, but that doesn't stop me from hating robin window-pecking. For some reason we haven't had any problems this year. Maybe the word has gotten around the Bastard Robin community, "Don't go there."

I am laughing (and pulling out my hair!)as I read this, AND as I watch and listen to our pesky little robin incessantly pecking away! Unfortunately he (or she) has chosen the largest picture window, with a permanent baluster railing just inches away (for perfect positioning) as his main attack point. I have tried taping sheeting across the window, spraying the baluster with insect repellent, sprinkling red cayenne pepper,... etc.,etc. to NO avail!!!
This knock, knock, knocking has been going on and on ALL day long for at least the last 6 days without stopping. We thought we had scared him off enough times to deter him when we started hearing the rap, rap rapping again...! This crazed robin is now attacking ALL of the windows on every side of our house! (Not to even mention the piles of poop he leaves in his wake!)
Thinking of calling a handyman to demo and sheet rock over all the glass doors and windows at this point!
Thanks for the laugh though...

Nice detailed story - I, too, have seen the owl thing fail. It is like it invites them rather than repels.
My trouble is a glass storm door. I cannot put netting round that or it won't open. So far the mirrors on my car and the door are the only targets.
and it isn't just that it is pesky. the volumes of fecal matter they deposit on the window sills nearby and the area round the door contain health hazards.

We had a cardinal driving us crazy for 2 years attacking our windows which are treated with an expensive sun guard. The bird has scratched them up!!! We recently purchased pinwheels and mounted on the out side window sills (only 2 so far). It works!!!! They are inexpensive, colorful and festive. We ordered ours on Amazon.

Solution -car wax glass, cuts reflection. We had robins pecking as side windows, of 2 bedrooms... mirror effect would happen just at sun-up! Desparate, to dull the outside face of glass. We had a can of new car wax...waxed these small Side windows, dried in swirls, cut glare, let dry...dont buff to gloss, let paste dry.

Then on inside, windows are covered by blinds, on other side of bedroom are windows not
reflecting, not getting pecked.

Voila! Stopped bird pecks immediately....
windows are on side no one sees outside...

The best thing I've found is NOT TO CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS during the birding season. Stops them flying into the glass too.
I also laughted like hell..thanks for you great article.LOL

lol...living with this problem for 2 months & having tried everything, thanks for the suggestions & the giggles!

We have a robin doing the EXACT thing as I type this. I was up all night with my 3yo who has night/day confused, so I am at the point where bird murder is not far from my mind. We have low windows and I thought well if my dogs were outside that would stop the freakin bird... Not so much. He waits for my dogs to walk away and starts the pecking again. Now I was at my wits ends, and had no clue what to do, so I tapped a picture of an owl to the window. Not sure if that's going to work or not. Probably not though. I am going to put some aluminum foil up, and when I've had some sleep, get some netting. Thank you so much for posting thus!

So funny but SO annoying all that pecking! I use bird netting for many things. I cover cucumber plants to keep the ground hogs from eating them up and stuff entry holes under porch to keep out coons. Use full stuff and now another use, THANKS!

Here was my solution...pellet gun...works every time :-)!

Great story. I really enjoyed it.

I came across your article because we have a pesky robin we call "Narcissus" who constantly attacks our windows. I did notice though when another bird, a flicker, came near, he did not attack it and ran away. So, we no longer hold to the theory that this robin is an alpha male. Also since there are about five-hundred robins across the street he is completely blind to, I do not believe he is spoiling for a fight. I think he is taking on the safest adversary he can defeat: himself.

Thank you for the advice, but I think only tough love and broom will solve my problem (just kidding), he leaves when I pull the blinds down. :) I am glad that I do not have to put up netting, since I am terrified of seeing dumber-than-a-rock him or his stupider-than-a-stick wife or their dumb and stupid kids hanging upside down or tangled up like early Christmas ornaments in anything I might hang in front of my windows.

I wanted to point out one thing, man and bird do not differ that much. Man keeps away other males from his mate by placing a shiny ring on her finger which like the metallic tape you hung in your window is supposed to frighten other males away ;). Unfortunately for birds, they do not have enough lining in their nests to purchase a diamond encrusted bird band for their seasonal beloved, so they must go birdo a birdo instead. Well, not my bird, other normal robins.

WE ARE VERY STRESSED ... this is our 2nd year for the PECKISH Robins and their terrible mess on windows, sills and all over everything. Hubby is on night shift and can't lose so much sleep. These birds are waking him up at 7AM after only 2 hour sleep. I have netting and will Help to put it up today .... especially on the bedroom windows.

So it's an entertaining story and a good solution for house windows, but I have a robin sitting on my car, obsessively pecking at the car windows and helpfully detailing my black finish with white "pinstriping". I don't think the netting will work in this case, unless I remove and reinstall it every time I drive my car. It is true that misery loves company, though, so it's good to know I'm not alone!

Ok, I have you all beat... The whole back of my house is glass, including an attached greenhouse with a slanted glass roof. At first our dumb bird was pecking at a normal window. We heard "flap peck flap flap peck flap" in quick succession, then get a brief respite while he catches his breath. Then he found the greenhouse. He flies to the top and starts pecking, and pecks all the way down (steep enough that he slides) then flies back to the top to start over again. The netting would probably help with my normal vertical windows, but I think it would give him grip on the greenhouse, though maybe he would just be able to go ahead and take himself out that way.

I have tried everything for 3 weeks. I finally called Wild Birds Unlimited and they told me to coat my windows with Ivory bar soap. This particular soap leaves a cloudy residue to cut down the reflection. The also recommended Window Alert UV Liquid that they sell at Walmart and trust blacking out the windows! I will be trying this and hope it helps others out too!!

Had a pesky robin driving me crazy attacking the window every few minutes. I solved the problem by printing out an 8X11 color print of a cat attacking. You know, fangs showing and paw in a strike mode (google attacking cat pic). I taped on the outside of the window and can see the bird coming in to attack, but flaring off as he perceives the cat! Scares the little bugger off! Problem solved.

I need help with my car windows. The same bird is drive bombing one house window but he just bounces off the screen. My car windows are his target. Front, both sides and rear. Regardless where we park he finds our two cars and one neighbor's two cars. Every day I am washing off my car. My husbands laughs and says this 3 oz bird is keeping my neighbors and us from using our driveway. Look at his power. I fail to appreciate the humor.

The Disney princess stickers on the window put there by my young daughters did not scare Fruit Loops the insane Robin away from our window, but the picture of the black and white cat face is working so far. Fruit Loops looks confused as he sits in the tree next to the window.

This Robin problem has happened here in Virginia in 2014 and now again in March 2015. The advice I got was to find their nest before they lay eggs and destroy it. The Robin involved will go away but if the problem persists you may have multiple Robins and nests.

It's happening in upper northwest DC right now. Very Hitchcockian.

It seems chaffinches do it aswell! We've got one rapping at the window the last few days. Just drawn the curtain which has a dark blue lining, almost fully over and he/ she has stopped. Peace but a darker room!

After 48 hours of a female robin crashing, pecking & pooping on my deck, I've resorted to the internet for help. I appreciate all the stuff I've read here. I've closed my drapes, but this crazed bird seems to hunt for ME. It is now on our patio, under the deck leering in at me and following ME from window to window. Even my very "interested" cats don't deter this idiot bird. I'm very tempted to let the cats run free outdoors awhile, but being the bird lover that I am, I won't. This is day #2 of bird torture. Time to hose down the patio & deck.

Our house is also under attack by a male AND pregnant female robin. First it was just the female kept attacking a window (part of a bay window) near our deck where she could perch and poop on the deck railing. I taped aluminum foil and strips of paper to several places on the window hoping to stop it. It did for a while, but then she found the places where no foil or paper exists, and started going to the front of the house & attacking a window near where a bench sits on the front porch. Last night the male started attacking the other two of the bay windows near the deck while she sat in the middle of a tree that is nearby next to the house. There is a nest in the top. I too am at my wits end as to how to stop this. It's driving me crazy, and they seem to only peck when I'm the only one at home, ha! Thanks for your suggestion of the netting. I will check this out at my local hardware store today.

As I listen to the doink doink doink of the robin against my window, I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your posting, and how a google search of "bird behavior robin window" got me to it! I went outside just feet away and asked him, "what the hell are you doing?" He stared at me for awhile, then returned to his pointless task. Later when I was on the deck above the window, he flew up to the railing and flitted his butt at me! How rude!

Time for netting!

I had no idea that this was a common problem! We have been in the same house for 25 years and have never had this happen before. Our Bastard Robin has been pecking for 3 days - sometimes he sits on our kitchen window sill and pecks, sometimes on the back of a deck chair and launches himself at the window that is a few inches away. Our cat even jumped on the chair and sat down staring at the bird about a foot away and the bird did not care! Our cat wears a bell to warn birds (and has never killed one to my knowledge) and clearly is not inclined to do so - but at this point I am almost wishing he would!
Sure got a good laugh from the article!

Same problem here in Woodstock Ontario...Robin has been pecking at various location on the south and west side of windows around the house. I'm tempted to get out the pellet gun but I want to try other options first

Shoot the bird.

I have try everything on this earth and have been not successful of getting rid off "my Psychopathic robin" It has destroyed parts of our exhaust system in the house, all windows are covered in its feces and scratched... Help please

This really made me chuckle - nice informative post Sir! I am resident in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and have a similar problem with a pesky bird (not exactly what it is), that will not concede that his reflection is in fact just his reflection. I'm still debating his demise :)

Thank you we thought we were in a Hitchcock movie. Have a twig wreath on front door with fake berries and 4 times that robin knocked into our wreath and left poop u will probably believe. Then, went to another window and pecked. And left more poop. Yes, windows were cleaned so that makes sense, same happened with a friend 3 miles away who had her windows cleaned. At least they aren't Vultures!

Hi, In Albany NY. Damn robin jumps off the nest that has had eggs for years with no problems, into the huge dining room window.
No pecking just slamming into it. Only mornings when sunny, then trees shade that side of the house. My grandson and I always checked the progress of the 'babies' each year. But it's no fun to watch a bird slam into your window. Thanks for all of the funny and frank stories. Spring is in the air!!

I have a stupid Robin here in Spokane that attacks my sliding glass window. I tried putting up a bunch of pictures of cats and predatory birds, but the Robin actually flies higher above the pictures. I put up so many that I thought I had the problem solved, but the bastard came back and is now pecking at the window again. It may be time to call my friend who owns a pellet gun.

This is really funny;but we have had this trouble this year for the first time ;we wash the truck and the car ;only to come out and find the robin mest all over the door of the truch and car ;it is really bad and hr pecks at the mirror ;little shit wat to do ;any ideas ;i have tried a long rope on the door i don;t no wat to do ;today my car is black but the door is white form the bird .O so sick of it .

I guess I'm not the only one with this problem and it's somewhat comforting to know that robins are known to display this type of behavior. Everyone on our block know not park their cars on the street in fear of this robin. It became almost a joke to us neighbors. When people from out of town park their cars our street (to get out of paying for parking on a busier street) they are shocked to find it several hours later covered in bird shit. So instead of paying for $2 parking, they'll now triple that amount in the car wash.

Hi everyone. I too have a problem here in Pennsylvania with two psychotic robins. This is the first year it has happened. It started about 2 weeks ago. It woke me from a sound sleep at about 7am. The windows being attacked are on the first floor of my home and I sleep on the second floor so you can imagine how loud the noise is of these two birds pecking and fluttering all over two windows downstairs. In fact the first time I heard it I thought a friend of mine that is building railing on my porch was working. I got up and went downstairs to find my friend not working but the unpleasant surprise of these two psycho birds attacking my windows. This has continued for weeks now. At times the birds just sit on the window ledge and stare at me. I'm not sure if I brought this problem of these demonic possessed birds on myself or not. There were two fully built nests on the ledge of transom windows above the two doors of my porch. I had ripped both nests down from their construction site and this is when the robins decided to start attacking my windows. I guess this is their revenge for me destroying the newly built homes for their babies. I can almost see the hatred in their eyes when they are sitting on the window seal staring at me. I'm trying to be patient and hoping they will just get tired of attacking my windows and move on. If this continues however I guess the pellet gun suggestion will solve my problem.

Thank you for your posts. I have been most patient. Our Robin has been attacking our bedroom window for a month now. We are early risers so it does not affect our sleep. We had never heard of this before and assumed that we had a robin with less than a bird brain who would eventually succumb to the Darwin theory and execute his own demise. Now, having read your posts I realize that we have a paranoid robin with testosterone. I apologize in advance to all bird lovers however since they do not make bird feed laced with Valium I will have to introduce him to my B.B. Gun. Gives new meaning to "game" on doesn't it......oops sorry couldn't resist.

Amazed that all here who do not know the sex if the bird assume it is male. How North American. Bad acts, bastard - must be a male. Good bless the female species. They are perfect.

So ive been living in new jersey for 18 years now. Ive always been an animal lover. One of my favorite hobbies is reading outside during the spring/summer and listening to the birds and bugs buzz about. Weve had a family of robins nesting under our deck every year. I havent touched the nests in years because i know the children come back and use them. For years everything has been fine. Last year i got a 350z and park it in the driveway. Spring summer pases no issue. This past spring though i think our robin family passed on the wrong genes. The family under the deck is hitting my deck windows. And a family in the front of my house is scratching the paint on my car. My dad goes through many methods of detering the bird. Even going so far as trying to buy a pellet gun to kill it. Only to find out songbirds are protected. Blah blah blah. Well i cant sue the bird to pay for the damage to my car so i parked somewhere else. We covered the windows with newspaper and it worked...for a while. I was going to destroy the nests but there were babies in it and i will not punish the children for the sins of the father...until he grows up a few months later and continues the fathers behavior. Ive declared war. Both nests under the deck are broken, i climbed the tree out front to take down that one. Now i sit here waiting for him to peck. Eventually one of these rocks will hit him. 17 years of peace has ended. He stares at me and puffs his chest and i do the same right back. I shared my home with your ancestors but now you and your father have damaged my property. The window beating i can forgive. The car scratches i cannot. You have been evicted from under my deck. Time to take down the mesh in fromt of the windows. I'll spend my day off from work stalking you like a cat. Pouncing by swinging a rock from my hand. I am a millenial. And we do not take kindly to disrespect.

Great posts! For several years off and on, we have had robins who peck at the brass kickplate on our front door. It drives the dogs nuts! I feel bad for the completely useless pecking job they have. It must hurt! When i can't stand it anymore, I tape a newspaper up over the plate and it stops immediately. I feel like it must be a great relief to the bird to think he has finally scared off the interloper. Most of our windows have screens, so they aren't effected.

My problem was a little different, mine turned into a stalker.
Left the balcony door open one day & heard a noise...silly bird inside the appartment flying around my hanging plants. So I chased it out and closed the door. A few days later same thing only there are two of them happily tossing leaves out of one of the thicker philodendrons...not so happy when I chased them out.
Guess I showed the male up in front of his girlfriend (or kept him from really having a girlfriend) because he started sittng on a post accross from my balcony glaring at me or hiding in a tree that is closer and swooping at me when I tried to water the plants on the balcony. The target was not his refection, it was me. I dont know how long these beasties are supposed to live but he came back for 5 years!
On a happier note I had some Oregon Juncos biuld a nest in one of the deck planters this year and lay eggs before I discovered them so I let them stay. So cute, clean, quiet & great at eating all the spiders & bugs off my veggies!!

We have a crazy Cardinal peeking on my car mirrors.
We tie walmart plastic grocery bags over the car mirrors. That has helped. Ocassional the wind blow the bags off. Then she is back; she keeps an eagle eye on the car mirrors: then back pecking and pooping again.
We call her the crazy. pooping, peeking Cardinal from hell.
We can't hurt her because we are St Louis Cardinal Baseball Fan...

Came across this article looking for a solution, I found an easy one on another website though, but came back here because I enjoyed the story and wanted to share what worked for me.You need to smear a bar of soap on the outside of the window where the Robin is attacking. It doesn't look great but comes off easily enough. After a few days of checking to see if the intruder is still around and seeing nothing the Robin gets fed up and moves on. The soap is easily removed and the windows are nice and clean too! I felt bad for the Robin, he was confused, dazed and angry he couldn't get rid of his rival...now I see him in the trees doing what he should be doing instead of chasing his own tail..

This is hardly a male bird thing. We have a female cardinal who pecks at nearly every window of our home, waking us up in the morning. Screens over every window would not be practical in our situation.

did a search because bird pecking at window -

this was hilarious, LOL, had a good laugh at your process, great humor! very entertaining. thanks

Spring 2015 we installed a new storm door. A robin has been nesting on our porch using the top of a large wreath as its nesting place for 8+years. We usually don't care, and the kids like seeing the nest and the babies. This past year was so different. At 6:30 I hear someone knocking on my door, I open it just to see the robin fly away and poop covered windows. After days of this I decide to leave the main door open thinking my dog and kids and activity inside would keep it away. NOPE. This robin sat on the handle and obsessively knocked on my storm door EVERYDAY for roughly 4 hours straight for more than a month. I used owls, photos taped to the spot where he tapped. Nothing. I have photos and videos of that crazy bird, it was not that scared of us.
My mom suggested a toy rubber snake from the dollar store! We wound it around the handle or hung is beside the door. Finally, FINALLY something that worked!! I was never so happy!! I was so happy I didn't have to constantly clean bird poop from the handle, window, porch rugs and sills!
Now I am wondering if this loony bird will be back again this year. At least I know what works for us if it returns!

Your post is hilarious😂😂😂 you should be a writer! My husband and I (also retirees) are having the same problem with robins in PA....We can soooo relate. Neither one of us are planning any trips up on the roof so I'm afraid the robins will have to solve their imagined problem on their own. Thanks for the laughs😆

Thank you for this brilliantly hilarious article. I have a Rogue Robin that goes from window to window around my entire my house. I am a nature photographer and got some really great pictures of he/she attacking itself feet first (which is interesting to see b/c the attack happens so fast you can't really sit it with the naked eye) but now am ready to help the Bird Brain enjoy life instead of window crashing and costing me a fortune in Windex. Though I won't go quite as far as you did to rid myself of Mr. Rogue Rob, I thoroughly enjoyed your experience!

I am on day 7 of what we have named Robo-Robin. He began on one front window and since has pecked windows front, back, and side, upstairs and down, despite closed blinds or curtains, sun or overcast. A stuffed cat perched in on the window sill (inside) worked briefly, but soon he was pecking at the cat! By day 4 he had a feather tuft sticking up oddly from his neck, making him look either very disheveled or like he had a thumb drive controlling his behavior. We joked that maybe he is a drone assigned to get in our house. This is the first time in more than 20 years in the same house! Fortunately I do not need to sleep in the daylight hours so I'm not going to install netting all around my house. Good luck everyone!

Thank you for your post with the suggestion of netting to stop the pecking. I will definitely go to the store after I finish my comment. We have had at least one robin pecking continually on our windows for the past several weeks. Started with the kitchen window and we put up a tarp to cover. Then the robin moved to our patio doors and I found closing the screen would keep it off one side but when it went to the other, we had to put up another tarp. Thought it was over but the bird moved to the other side of the house and is now pecking away at the living room window. Our neighbors have not been having any problems with birds. A dead robin was found in one neighbor's yard and we thought he/she had probably died of head trauma and unfortunate as that was, our problems were over. Not so. As I mentioned above, our problems continue. Will get the netting.

Shooting the bird, although likely very satisfying is still against the law (Migratory Bird act of 1918). My problem is the car. The poop is all over the hood and the side doors below the mirror that's so soiled I can't use them. Can't use netting or pinwheels. The cover works fine but it's a pain for one person to put on and take off in our Kansas spring winds.

Any answers for that?

I loved this blog. We have a crazy quail in love with our windows.

We have been in our house for 24 years and have never had this problem until now. This is the first day of the crazy robin pecking and flying into the windows on the front of our house. There are 2 windows on the wrap around porch and the bird just keeps pecking and hitting the windows.
Is there an image of an owl that I can print out to see if it helps. We pulled the drapes across the windows and it still comes back pecking. I am surprised it isn't dead already. I am going to put our screens in the window and see if it will deter the robin or robins. I love birds, but this is getting annoying. Put a big stuffed bunny rabbit in one window, but the bird just goes above it or to the other window.

well I have the same problem with robins driving us nuts with out basement window..every morning at 630 is here most of day help us

My crazy Robin has been flying into my windows for 4 days now. Since lunch, he has bloodied all three windows at sill level. I have tried strings, sun catchers on the inside of window, and closing the blinds. Also, in desperation this morning, I taped a sheet from my newspaper to the window on the inside at the spot he was flying into. Sooo, he moved to another spot! Now, this afternoon, he must be bleeding from his beak, although I can't see where he has damaged himself. If I walk outside, he flies out into the yard and scolds me. I don't want him to hurt himself, but just want him to go away!

We have the same thing going on right now day 6. Finally someone suggested tape a bag to the window it worked for about half a day now it just goes around the side of the bag. And of course it's our bedroom window closest to our bed. I am going to try the netting

We are having the same problem with the same thoughts that cross my our minds. This article made me LOL. Thanks for the laughs!

Love all the comments! I have also thought of its death as a solution. Our home has tons of glass to take advantage of our mountain views, to include the front door and cathedral ceiling. No Nets will fit the bill here. I I listed the help of a few teenagers with nets and we caught the crazy robin. I drove it 10 miles away and let it loose near my office. Problem solved!

We, too, have had "attack robins" at our lake home in northern Minnesota (make sure you pronounce it minne-SO-tah). They're so determined - and stupid - that we even hear the loons laughing at them, and probably at us.
We've tried covering the windows with plastic, which works. However, it's a pain to put up, pull off and clean-up the tape ... duct tape of course. Not only too much work, but it's very irritating to yield our great view of the lake to a bird with an attitude.
This year we purchased 1-1/2" plastic suction cups with a hook on each (purchased at Home Depot), We put these on the outside of each window, hanging a double streamer of 18" day-glow orange flagging tape.
So far, so good. While we see and hear the robins, this spring we've been cleaning our wooded property rather than our pecked windows.

I just recently started to have a problem. Two Bluebirds, I believe, are tormenting my truck. Just started less than a week ago. A Friend recommended getting the sticky rat traps and placing them where the birds sit. I will probably try this only as a last resort. I don't want to shoot them myself, I may try the window soaping thing. Really getting under my skin.

This is a very common problem, and not restricted to robins. It is restricted to male territory protection during mating season. We have it too, now for the first time, but only on a single inoperable window with no screen to fuzz up the reflection. We have added a stick-on raptor pattern there to see if that is effective. The problem will go away, and it is not bothering any other reflective surface.

People suggesting killing the offender or destroying the nest should know that in the US it is a crime to do so. Lighten up.

Had the same problem. Drove us crazy. 5:00 am every morning the bird (Robin) would start banging against the windows. Our sleep patterns were so disrupted that we began seeing the effects at work. One morning I sat outside and watched this bird. He never attacked the window from the air. He always landed on the sill before going nuts. He would land, THEN observe his reflection and attack. I went on the web and found a product designed to keep pigeons away from ledges. It is called "Bird-B-Gone" . I purchased it from Amazon. It was a little expensive... $18.00 for two tubes. It is a clear gel that is so sticky it is almost unbelievable. It won't harm the bird but it makes his experience on the sill pretty damn unpleasant. I put a 1/2 bead of this stuff all along the window sill. (You can't really see it when applied) I found they can't launch an attack on the window if their feet are stuck to the sill. Their attention goes immediately from their reflection to freeing their feet. Done deal. They do get away but they get the message really fast. No more bird attacks and I didn't have to shoot the damn thing. BUY THIS STUFF. IT WORKS. I hope this helps some other poor suffering bastard. Good Luck!

just like all here..... off to the internet to get some advice since nothing is working, and found your great and hilarious story!
I don't know what type of bird or birds I am dealing with because they are pecking at a window that is covered by drapes and a bookshelf, my living room has too much light. so, its not a clear reflection, done most things recommended with nothing working, I have severe insomnia and the bloody thing is waking me at 5:30am. The beast has been destroying my screens, ripping them to shreds, after reading that they use it for nests, I was so happy!!!! just take the screens down and all the pecking will be done. nope.
so I have resorted to putting up chicken wire. I am sure my landlord is going to love that! but I am ready to cry and that is what I have here.....too sleep deprived to drive safely.
I will go to the store and try the special netting too, just hope it won't be used for nests too. thanks again for your great sense of humor, its a great relief! and a great help too

Thanks for all the info folk. Although this is funny it is no laughing matter, my enemy is a sparrow but my main issue would have to be the volume of droppings, three months in and their mounting up!
Just trying a life size picture of a cats stuck to the inside of the glass. I've really had enough so the air-gun will be out soon.
Best wishes all
Bert {nearly sunny Essex. UK}

The first day, it was cute. Stupid bird. hahaha. But after a week it has become a constant, aggravating nuisance. My windows are scratched. We are going out today to buy an air soft gun. The robin(s) are going to die this weekend.

Love your story! I bought some privacy window cling (at Home Depot) for the window on my front door that has been pecked on for days. It seems to be working but, only once I put it on the outside of the window. My current problem is that he hangs out on the rear view mirrors of my car while waiting to attack my front door. He attacks my car windows & is pooping all over my new car 😡 I thought about hiring someone with a pellet gun to handle this but in Michigan he is the State Bird (I've been told it's illegal) also I don't want his little life taken over this & besides if they got him they would probably shoot my windows in the process. How can I get this "Crappy Robin" off of my car? Im going to try car wax on my windows...but, what can I put on my rearview mirrors to get him to stop perching there? Spikes on suction cups? All suggestions are welcome!

2017 and this is still a problem. Our bastard robin is pecking at (and pooping on the sils of)5 large kitchen windows that open into our beautiful spring garden. I reluctantly lowered the shades after cleaning up the first round of poo. That did nothing. Put our cat out on the stoop which worked great for keeping him/her away but the cat was pleading and begging to come in (you know, the old paws plastered to the window above her head and slowly dragging them down the pane in a dramatic, "let me in!" fashion. Softie that I am, I finally caved and let her back in. Today I'm headed to the shed for my blueberry net to give it a chance to earn its keep pre-berry season. Thanks for the laugh and the great suggestion.

I'm dealing with a crazy Robin now!!! I work midnight shift so this Robin is now driving me crazy. I think I'm going to us a BB gun!!! I was hoping the bird would go away but I'm into day 10. This bird also made a mess of my deck and it looks like it's spreading it's feces I onto the windows.

I've lived in my house for 13 years and have never had this problem. This stupid Robin started a few weeks ago pecking at my front door. It's all glass. Fake panes. It literally pooped on three of my bunnies on my wreath that Id just spent alit of time on so I brought the wreath in. I've tried foil, sheets on inside and streamer type things. I just cringe when I hear him. Wakes me every morning. I won't kill animals but I'm coming very close to murder on this one!!! Lol.

I have had the same issue as well w/birds roosting & playing on our vehicles. Mostly it's been robins, but occasionally cardinals & some jays. They see their reflection & think it's competition- especially during mating season (which is usually March thru May in central MD.)

They hang out on the cars, mostly on the mirrors, peck @ the windows, & poop on the mirrors (that they use for roosting) ...& they also poop all down the side of the car. The back of my side mirror is usually a total mess.

I've had some luck w/a few things: I placed a fake owl on the bushes by the cars. It worked for a while but then the birds came back & actually began perching ON the owl. A scarecrow would have probably garnered the same the same response. I tried a car cover & then that got pooped on. Hanging a bird feeder in a farther away place simply provided a place to eat, then they would come back re-energized & resume pecking. Bird cut outs have helped -just static cling a few on the windows.

So, what I DID find out was that holographic bird tape (available @ Home Depot, Target, or most bird/wildlife stores) works wonders. However, you need to install a good amount of it. It will keep most of the birds away. They hate almost everything about the tape - like the fluttering, the reflection, & even the noise it makes when it flaps in the wind.

People should know that in the US it is a federal crime to kill or do harm to birds (or their nesting areas.) I am a falconer & have had access to larger birds of prey (e.g. a red-tailed hawk & a peregrine falcon..) These are a lot bigger birds with talons that can do serious damage. People should be thankful that these little robins & similar bird breeds are not the ones that can wreak the type of havoc the larger birds can do ...or make the large messes.

While I sympathize w/the people that have had their cars & house windows messed on & messed up, it should NOT come down to shooting these birds. They're only trying to live their life & carry on their species. They're only going to do this for a short period of time. There are many natural ways to fend off these birds & absolutely no reason to resort to hurting or killing.

We have exactly the same problem as the OP! (April, 2017 Denver). the little bugger prefers the bedroom windows from about 6:15 until we are up -- then he moves around to the dining room and to the living room and home office.
He is driving us crazy.
I do NOT have the vegetarian problem , and would gladly wring the neck of this little sleep pirate. I am looking for a BB gun to borrow.

I love all the wild creatures in my back yard from a plethora of birds to the occasional fox, squirrels, racoons, deer,etc. our rowdy robin started 3 days ago with a couple of Cardinals and some wrens. all the other birds have stopped but R2 (r squared rowdy robin) persists. I've tried white covering on the inside, hanging things on the outside and still he persists usually starting at 5:45 am. I understand this is a territory issue. I also go by the philosophy that you eat what you kill and I have no taste for robin but after 3 days with no results (and no sleep) I've decided to remove this defective bird from the general pool...marksmanship matters

After living in our Maryland house for 13 years with no problem, this robin nastiness started last Spring, and again started April 1st this year. They start up at 6:30 a.m. every morning, crashing into almost every window in our 2 story home with LOTS of windows. They tend to be mostly interested in the windows on the first floor near a few large evergreen trees (I cannot see a nest, but there is probably one in the tree(s). Anyway, I too have tried almost everything: a spray that I purchased at Wild Birds Unlimited - sprayed where I first thought they were attacking. It was waste of money because the birds just moved on to other windows. I hung deflectors (bought on Amazon), strips of aluminum foil, cayenne pepper spray, pictures of cats, fake owl, fake snakes, even running outside and "shooing" them -- crazy lady that I am! Netting is impossible - I have a tremendous amount of windows on two levels and am not able to get up on a ladder. I also wouldn't trust my aim with a gun of any type! I think I remember last year that they stopped abruptly after about a month or so - perhaps after the "mating season", or after the eggs hatch???? Does anyone have knowledge and experience of HOW long this will last? For me, it's definitely robins. I'm willing to continue with my ear plugs for sleep (works!), and wait it out. Just want to know how much more. . . it's been almost a month!

Rosemary, seemingly you should be near the end of the window pecking. However, the robins may have two broods. I found this web page that says pecking can occur from May until early August, though like you, we've found that robin pecking can begin in April.


We have a robin nesting in a bush close to our front door, as happened in the same place last year, but fortunately we haven't had any window pecking.

and what do you do when it is a SEAGULL pecking, its setting off the alarm at 5.30 a.m. too.

Thank you for this article and comments. I thought I was losing my mind. I have never heard of this bird behavior before. I honestly considered that my Mother had reincarinated to this bird and was trying to get to her bedroom.

We have an Eastern Towhee that started nesting here last year and picked a fight every day with a back window and we chuckled and ignored it. This year it came back and decided the rear view mirrors on our new car and next door neighbor's were his enemy. I ignored it the day it started until I noticed the streams of excrement and actual marks on the arm of the mirrors and door. Ut oh! My husband is more "rural-practical" about dealing with animal nuisances and I was worried he might take drastic measure.
I simply covered each window with a plastic grocery bag that I kept in the car to solve the problem. But I am still fascinated by it. I cannot find any specific info on this bird and it's aggressive nature. It chased and fought with families of birds in our back yard that have been here for years. Anyone have any info. Such a pretty guy (I think a guy?) but seemed kind of like a bully!

The picture of the cat: beautiful and priceless. Thanks, all these years later, for a good laugh!

Well I see I’m not alone on this bird quest! This is my 2nd year of dealing with psycho robins however this year they started attacking my car windows and leaving an awful mess on each side mirror and down the side doors! I’m going to wash the car , once again, and cover each mirror with a plastic bag and rubber bands to hold it on then I may try the Dove soap on the side windows to deter further pecking. I hope this works!

Thank you for this post. From reading the responses, I'm realizing this could go on for 3 or more weeks? Did this bird follow me 30 miles up the road to Cracker Barrel? Because when I came out, I had to clean my windshield because a bastard bird had been fighting itself there, as well. I blocked my car, with an owl. It worked. Then it moved to upstairs door, keeping it away from there with a stack of bean bag seats piled up. Then it went to the living area's windows and I decided kill yourself, bird. I guess I can live with the noise. This is a first for me. I hope the Robin moves on. And yes, it is a Robin.
PS, it will move on next year, right?

Well, I just read this whole post and every single comment, hoping to run into someone with the exact issue so that I could use their solution! No luck. We have a huge enclosed trailer that we normally keep parked next to our barn in the backyard. It's black with a nice 'chrome'-ish section in the middle... and, you know, only costed us thousands of dollars... Nbd. This darn Robin sits on the fenders and attacks the sides of the trailer alllllll day long. Leaving behind that lovely bird poop and it's peck marks. It's driving us nuts!! I know we can't kill it... I know, I know, I know. RELAX! But that doesn't mean I can't dream about it. Lol!

I've charged at it 3 times this morning, and since then it's noticed me in the doorway and flown away. So ha! Lol but seriously, my neighbors are going to think I've lost my mind.

I don't think the netting would help here, but I'm about to go hunt online for a tarp big enough to cover it. Hope I find one!

If I were your neighbors I would seriously give thought to moving. The birds are behaving as they are prewired to do. You two seem to be frustrated , grouchy , intolerable seniors that should be living away from living things.

We named our bastard robin Bonkers.

I stopped our robins by removing the image of him/her. I just pinned a tea towel over the window so that they couldn’t see themselves. It stopped immediately.

Two weeks later I unpinned it and took it down. No harm done.

They also tried to peck the basement window so I put a piece of cardboard over it so they couldn’t see themselves and this worked also. We did have to nail it in place though as the robins tried to remove it to look behind it. We then removed it after the chicks hatched. It worked as well. Good luck - Maxine

I have given the pesky little fellas a few names myself, originally thinking, at one time, that I simply had a mentally challenged nut! After years of the same insane pecking, I finally realized.... It must be "normal"? I started sitting pictures in the window, sometimes having to tape them up at the main pecking point. This actually has worked quite well for me.

Thank you for the laughs regarding this irritating problem! We have had 4 days worth of a very diligent Robin bashing and fluttering against our dining room bay window and pecking on our window while sitting on the windowsill outside. It USED to be white. After doing a little research, I decided to affix some shiny wide ribbon to the outside of the window but it only forced the Robin to flutter and peck on another area of the window. Today I placed a shepherd's hook right next to the window and hung my garden owl on it, hoping that would work. Nope. Caught the dang bird perched atop the Owl's head and using it as his launching pad to continue assaulting my window. After reading all of the other things people have tried with zero results, tomorrow I will try using car wax that has not been polished off OR soap. My window is a royal mess. Can't wait for them to find a new home.

I have the same issue with a female robin. When it started I spent some time watching to see why the all of the sudden interest in my window. Turns out she’s building a nest on the gutter down spout right above this window. Yes it’s quite annoying but I don’t want to destroy all her efforts to build a nest and lay eggs. I’ll let her stay until her babies have hatched and are off on their own. Then the nest comes down. I just don’t understand how she could peck at the same window nonstop for hours on end everyday. You’d think that would classify as insane!

I think Bastard Robin’s offspring are attacking my house lasting from 5:30am to roughly 6:30pm in western Colorado. Little bastards 2020 are such a joy given the current world-wide quarantine. Consider my shit, lost. As you can imagine this is not an ideal time with the toilet paper shortage and all. Wish me luck.

Rubber snakes is all I have to say! It may scare the amazon delivery guy the first time but no worries you can explain why!
We had to put rubber snakes on each side of the Front door because the dogs toys weren’t scary enough! But ya have to move the snakes around once in a while so they think they are alive. We have a pregnant female and a male always tapping at front door and large window just right of door. They even squawked at me when I was out doing yard work because I was there too long and it was disrupting there work to destroy all other robins, ugh!
I was wondering why the neighbors had pin wheels in there front yard!

Our demented robin's name is Tipsy, and this is his 2nd year. I have a beautiful, large leaded glass surround & intricate transom round my front door. The door & transom are 2 stories high. Tipsy started his tapping & musical dance routine last year. I tried everything, including carpet tack strips all along the brick ledge that separate the door & the bottom of the transom. NOTHING WORKED! Tipsy joined us last spring, stayed the ENTIRE summer, and didn't leave until the birds flew south toward the end of fall. Now, Tipsy isn't your usual territorial robin, You see, Tipsy doesn't have a "real" mate. Tipsy thinks his reflection is his mate! He tries to feed his reflection worms ALL DAY long. There is bird poop everywhere on the brick ledge & my front porch. There is also worm guts all over my window! It's quite disgusting!!! When Tipsy left last fall, I'd hoped we were done, after all, he's obviously not too smart. I was hoping he'd get lost in his bird migration, never to return. Alas, my hopes were dashed, when Tipsy retuned last month! He's back & demented as ever. He's now decided to mix it up though. He varies his tapping & feeding between the transom & the 4 large windows (also with transoms) of my nearby study. I have a beautiful magnolia bush, which he has found to his liking, which means he can choose between a 1 foot lunge or an 8 foot flap. I guess I'm off to buy Ivory soap. It's worth a try, although won't be the least bit attractive. Just wait until Tipsy discovers my antique medical collection housed in my study. I don't expect the antique medical instruments & books to catch his face, and thank goodness he can't get to the expanse of the glass in the display cases! However, if he takes note, there is a rather large preserved leech among the bloodletting tools. Heaven forbid, Tipsy get a hankering for that "large worm"!!! Now I'm off to buy soap, and wondering if the mother duck will return to nest in my penstemon again this year. She was quite the mannered lady. Rarely made noise, dug out a little spot for her nest & duckling, then they all quietly moved out in the night. Sadly, it was without so much as a thank you note!

Robin pecking at the window. My son put a tarp over the window. It worked. No pecking. Then my son was not with me anymore and I scotchtaped newspapers over the window and that also worked. No more pecking

Our attacker is leaving blood as well as poop. I'm thinking of taking down the nearby birdhouse, tho its been there ever since we moved into Bend 7 years ago and this is our first year of attacks. He's going after one upstairs window and two sets downstairs, one picture windows on the end of the house and one set facing a porch. Too much to net, plus I'd have to buy an expensive ladder to reach the upstairs window.

We have had a very big Robin (momma full of eggs?) attacking our car..we put plastic bags on the mirrors..but had to eventually cover the car with it’s full cover (we had purchased for when we are away..some time ago because of sap dropping). Then the bird started attacking our porch door window..I mean incessantly..while I stood there even. That window is now covered by a very crinkly plastic..on the outside. The stickers I put in the inside did not work. The plastic seems to work..but she/he is in a nearby bush...being very noisy whenever I am out there.. Am sure it looks like some crazies live at our house..

Like one other person commented, my husband and I have lived in our home for 15 years and never had "Robins" exhibit this behavior, Spring, Summer or whatever the season. On occasion, we would have a Red-headed Woodpecker or two and an occasional bright yellow wild canary peck on or fly into the windows, but NEVER "Robins". So bizarre to me that they have decided to start this behavior now. Do you think that this is primarily a Spring season problem? My husband had already tried all the tips suggested in article, but they still peck at windows. Robins seem to have just lost their minds this year. I grew up with parents who were serious bird lovers. Had all kinds of bird feeders, spent plenty of money on bird seed for all kinds of birds in my child-hood home backyard. Never had "Robins" act this way. This is all very "Hitchcocky". Seems like a real life movie being filmed, and nobody let us in on the joke. So creepy, disturbing and amazing that this seems to be going on all over the country, according to some of the comments/responses from people. I noticed that there are statues one can put in garden and on decks to keep away pesky wildlife. When any critter of any kind comes within 25 feet, the small statue emits an annoying ultrasound at a frequency heard only by critters as well as flashing of the eyes of the statue. I am going to try those and sit on our decks, etc. They are carried in a catalog called Harriett Carter. They are also on sale right now. Hope this can be another solution for myself and everyone. Good Luck. Due to this being a wide-spread problem, I think we are going to need it! Lol. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Oh sweet jesus! I know you're already buried under 9 springs worth of comments, but lordie me, I laughed so much reading this post—PLUS, you answered all my questions about the peculiar robin getting weird with our sliding glass door. THANK YOU.

I have crazy Robin car windows and door!! Have tried owls owl sounds ! Blacken windows and even shooting with a bird shot!! And still crap every were!!!! Seriouly need help to get crazy bird to stop!!

This story made me laugh. We have lived in our house for 17 years and never had this problem until this year. I tried putting down the blinds, put up decals and bird of prey print outs with no luck. Then I put a few plastic grocery bags hanging out the window. That did the trick until the robin went to my other windows. One day I thought enough of this, I am the more intelligent being, so I put grocery bags on all of my windows. If one of the bags blows away or gets removed the robin is back at that window in a flash!! It has been well over a month and this bird keeps coming back! Will I have bags blowing on my windows for ever!?

We've ended up using black trash bags over the exterior of the windows...working for now, although it is pretty dark =)

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