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April 28, 2011


Bill O'Reilly is often reviled by liberals. I frequently watch some of his show. Yes, he is traditional in his values, but he gives people of all points of view a chance to say their piece on his show unless they are complete wack jobs. Yeah, he bullies them sometimes and frequently dominates, but if their argument is strong enough, it gets through. He looked like a fool arguing with Christopher Hitchens.

I think most people who put the guy down haven't watched his show. Try it for a week, but you won't. The internet is full of distortions and lies. Most people who hate him have never watched his show for more than five minutes. Many have never heard him at all. Yet, he is one of the evil ones in their eyes. This is not to say I am a fan, but he is not some mad dog extremist liar. He presents the issues of the day responsibly even if he is a bit of an egotist.

Take the birther thing. Trump was on O'Reilly and was going on about the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship. At this point most of you are thinking O'Reilly was going along with it. Far from it. He nearly laughed in Trump's face and he did smirk. O'Reilly has been saying for years that the birther thing is bunk. However, I give Trump credit for finally forcing Obama's hand to show his birth certificate. Now the issue is dead once and for all except for a fanatical few who say it is forged. They will never give up.

I think it is fine to disagree with republicans, but this making all republicans out as extremists who want to abolish all government, starve the poor, let the sick die in the streets, let the corporations run roughshod over the planet, who are religious fanatics (who at the same time want the sick and poor to suffer), and who adopt all sorts of unhumanitarian views is plain wrong just as the stereotypes of liberals can be equally as wrong.

It's like kids at a foodfight at a party. Stupid and immature and that goes for you, Brian. Instead of name calling offer some practical solutions to the fact that this country is on the brink of financial meltdown. Quit the name calling and partisanship. Everybody has to get together and solve this mess in a bi-partisan way. If the ship sinks, both parties go down with it. Both parties have gotten us in this situation and now it is time to transcent the BS and get down to practical economics and get ot of this hole. Now.

But I'm under no illusions. That is not likely to happen. That is why I have been acumulating metals and other commodities for years. Gold has gone up 500% since I began buying back in 2003. Silver even more. Now it is approaching a blow off top that may go parabolic before descending as a new currency and hopefully a new financial system based on a new paradigm is born.

tucson, I give O'Reilly credit for his stand on the "birther" issue. And I don't mean to impugn all Republicans for the fact-impairedness of maybe half of the party.

However, it seems to me that the most egregious fact denials are coming from the GOP side of the aisle. In addition to the birther and global warming stuff, we have efforts to put creationism on an equal footing with evolution.

And Politifact has given many more "pants on fire" rulings to Republicans. See:

There's definitely truth-shredding happening in both political parties. It just seems to me that during the past few years the "R's" have taken the most liberties with facts.

It's bothersome that virtually zero Republicans in Congress publicly accept the reality of global warming, even though quite a few used to. There's a groupthink going on which isn't good for this country.

This whole contrived "birther" issue has never been anything more than a rhetorical plaything for right-wing sore losers. They were hoping against hope that Obama's election would be invalidated. I would say "nice try", except that it really wasn't.
Global warming is a fact. Human activity is perhaps exacerbating conditions - to what degree may never be precisely determined. It does not matter in the least who believes what. You can bet your bottom dollar that human beings will never give up the comforts associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

Life itself, and not human ego, will determine when enough is enough. We will accomplish nothing by outlawing incandescent light bulbs and 10 MPG SUVs, or creating complex financial derivatives by the trading of hypothetical "carbon credits".

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