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March 15, 2011


I once worked for an American nuclear facility and can go to Japan. Do you have contact information on doing so? Thanks.

These people are heroes. Thank you for writing about them.

Why not just ask General Electric executives to volunteer?

Typical liberal. Using an international crisis to advance your own liberal, big government agenda. Doesn't surprise me though...

Truth Detector, I note that you didn't disagree with anything I said -- probably because what I said is true.

Attacking the messenger doesn't stop truth from being truthful. Government is good. Thanks for agreeing with me about that, by failing to point out any errors in my marvelous logic.

So you think there's a possibility that I _agree_ with you?

Wow, you're further out in left field than I thought. (pun intended)

Dude there's a difference between punitive taxation and charity. Charitable acts are BY DEFINITION VOLUNTARY. Taxation is imposed by a centralized power who decides how to allocate or (in your liberal utopian fantasy world) redistribute those confiscated monetary resources. There is nothing logical about anything you said regarding taxation being "good" or "heroic." INDIVIDUALS in the PRIVATE SECTOR who CHOOSE to give of themselves are good. They are heroic. Someone like you who is intellectually poisoned by the deluded and self-aggrandized notion that a small centralized group or governing body knows best how to take and spend the earnings of others does not understand the first thing about charity. To put it another way, if you yourself make a choice to give a thousand dollars to a family in need during the holidays (or any other time for that matter) so that they can feed and clothe themselves and buy gifts for their children, that is a wonderful and selfless act and you should be commended for it. If on the other hand, you go to the ballot box and vote for some egotistical, elitist dope who promises to take from other people you have never met and give to those in need, and you make this choice to vote for this person based on the warped and naive notion that this is somehow "charitable," then you are in truth only contributing to the crippling dependency that so many in this country and others around the world are saddled with by paternalistic nanny states. Furthermore, you are beyond naive if you actually think that every dollar the government says they are taking to give to the poor actually gets there. The percentage of waste exhibited by practically every government body and beaurocracy in existence today would NEVER be allowed in the private sector. Take Social Security as an example. Just do the math. It's really quite simple. Take every dime you've ever paid into social security and add it up. This might take a minute to figure out if you get too specific, but I'm sure someone as enlightened as yourself will have no problem approximating the figure. Now take that number and plug it into any of the myriad of savings calculators that can be found online via a simple google search. Then look up the average life expectancy for someone in your demographic. Now calculate your total savings over the course of your working life based on investing at the same rate that social security has been confiscating your money throughout the same time, and figure for a modest return (say about 4.5% APY or something like that - very reasonable based on historical standards of savings returns in consumer savings accounts). I can virtually guarantee you that you would save far more for your own retirement ON YOUR OWN over the course of that time than whatever you can reasonably expect to ever get back from Social Security. And that's based on modest figures in low risk investment such as consumer CDs and Savings accounts (i.e. FDIC insured products and not even looking at higher yield options like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds). So the question then becomes, where is all that money going? If taxation is so good and so noble and so right, how do you account for all the overhead? It's OK if you don't have an answer for me. None that fit your childish narrative currently exist.

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