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March 13, 2011


Well put, Brian.

Really? Amidst all the destruction and tragedy...THAT is the lesson you take away? That government is good? Well, I guess when all you have is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail, eh?

Dan, I guess when someone doesn't see anything good about people working together, every praise of government starts looking like a dangerous socialist blog post.

Relax. Government is good. Brave people struggling to save lives and avert a nuclear meltdown are good. We humans are social animals. We band together to promote the common welfare, as our nation's founders intended.

Yes, I think this is one of the big lessons of the Japan earthquake. Governments are what stand between us and disaster when Bad Shit happens.

Here's another lesson: solar panels and wind turbines don't melt down. They'll never kill anybody through radiation poisoning. They've also never produced a spill that wrecked a Gulf Coast economy and the environment.

I don't disagree...solar and wind are relatively safe. But that's not the only consideration. Capacity and cost are the downfalls. Supporters will grouse that if only solar and wind were mandated, and at what price for safety when government can control who uses what. But that's not how the free market works.

(Cue the vehement arguments about why capitalism is a horrid economic system...)

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