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March 21, 2011


Ann you are full crap for saying Radiaton will cause cancer get up off your butt and go to japan and eat the food and drink the water.

I think you need to understand that these conservative commentators are entertainers. That is their business. That is, to be provocative in order to rile people up to garner interest in their books and radio broadcasts. Try not to get too bent out of shape about these people is my suggestion.

Michael Savage said it himself the other day. He is in the entertainment business and he knows outlandish commentary attracts interest and controversy. It's good for business, and in his case he has the #3 most listened to radio talk show.

Coulter has a number of best selling books and makes lots of money for speaking engagements. They expect her to be out there a bit...ironic and cutting. They don't pay her to be dry and pedantic.

Bill Mahr called Palin a dumb bitch the other day. Why? He probably thinks so, but what he is really doing is catering to his audience...liberals who hate her, Limbaugh, et al...Yeah, yeah. Right on Bill. You tell it like it is, bro. Palin is dumb and a bitch and she makes more money than you do.

I did like Mahr's expose' on religion though. He showed the absurdity of that rather well.

I'd like to see a Mahr/Coulter Show. Let them have at each other separated by a plexiglass shield. That's entertainment.

These people understand marketing. That's why they have plump bank accounts.

I'm sure Ann Coulter isn't rushing down to the nearest nuclear facility to get irradiated for its health benefits. It's just shtick.

Lars Larson will do or say anything to get his face or name in the media. His ratings are slipping, and he can not hold on. He will get crazier and crazier until he changes sides! And he will do this if it pays him a dime. He was a registered Democrat until 1996

"In a report last year on radiation standards, the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, said: ''The standards administered by E.P.A. and N.R.C. to protect the public from low-level radiation exposure do not have a conclusive scientific basis, despite decades of research.''"

Looks like Ms. Coulter isn't the only one cherry picking from that NYT article.

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