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February 23, 2011


You nailed it for what Republicans are. The only question I have is who are Americans...

@Rain, to paraphrase the movie Gladiator: "America is the Mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar."

These people in control of The House are out of control.

"I'm confident it's going to backfire on the "R's" come election day in November 2012." Keeping hope alive. My son has been saying the same thing, the more the GOP panders to the wacko bat-shit crazy wingnuts, the better position the Democrats will be in come 2012. I hope you are both right.

The USA is broke. There is no money beyond what goes to pay debt and we don't even produce that much except by fiat. If you don't know what fiat currency is, you will disagree with most of my comment.

Time to cut back to basic, essential functions of government, and even they will have to be stripped down to bare bones. Even then we may be doomed. It's probably too late.

Too bad. Everyone will have to pay the price for the profligacy of the past.

The gravy train is over.

There is nothing in the Constitution that mandates Planned Parenthood even if it is a good thing.

It can be funded by tax deductible doantions if it is so great and people want to support it.

Not all conservatives are bat shit crazy religious zealots that believe in this imagined character called God and have this concept called "sin". Nice guy this God who creates people with inherrent weakness and then punishes them for being sinful. That God is the one who is bat shit crazy. Thank God that God doesn't exist except in the minds of the naive and infantile.

But don't you think it is rather cruel to kill a baby in the third trimester? The thing is ALIVE!!! It is a human being with nerves and a brain that feels pain when it is aborted. I don't want to support an organization that supports that. Let them get their own money.

America is broke. People need to understand that. There is no money except what the Chinese loan us (and will never get back) or the printing press at the Fed. That stuff is funny money. Not real money.

Get real and realize the US is no different than a family who has maxed out their credit cards, a mortgage they can't pay and no job.

And people want entitlements?

OK. Wave the magic wand.

Millie, there's also no requirement in the constitution that the government pay for subsidies to big oil companies or giant agricultural corporations, like it does now. Or fund the modernization of Afghanistan when our own infrastructure is crumbling.

I agree that government needs to cut back. But there are many better places to start than Planned Parenthood.

I certainly agree with Blogger Brian's comment at 1:31 PM.

Holy shit! Common ground! Amen!

Join the backlash....

An impressive coalition of progressive organizations is holding rallies at every state capitol tomorrow Saturday February 26 to support public sector workers in Wisconsin and to fight back against the Republican assault on living standards for low and moderate income people.

Find out more at MoveOn.org. Click the button on the left for Attend a Rally and then enter your zip code. Sign up or just go.

Home page
Rally page (Scroll to bottom to see sponsors)

As of now, 700 people have signed up here in Boston; about 450 in Salem.

The US is broke because the Republicans broke it. It's time for a government that "promotes the general welfare" not just a the welfare of the rich.

the republicans did it. the republicans did it.

the democrats did it. the democrats did it.

republicans-bad, mean
democrats-good, kind
me tarzan, you jane.

mindless drivel. braying of a jackass.

The US is not broke - yet. The US will be broke when the rest of the world unanimously declares that the government of the US no longer has any credibility.
The US will not, under any circumstances, allow the rest of the world to make that determination. All measurement of wealth and value, anywhere on the planet, is made against a standard put in place by the US.

If the indebtedness which the US government ALLOWS itself to accrue results in shortages of the commodities needed to sustain our existence, we will simply TAKE what is being withheld.

The US government is the living, breathing, embodied epitome of egotistical selfishness.

It is called "survival of the fittest". It is a natural, organic compulsion of complex organisms to "organize" (sic!) into groups in order to facilitate survival.

The USA is the big dog, the king of the hill. And here we will stay until another group of organisms comes along with a better idea.

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