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February 05, 2011


Nice post, just started following your blog. I'm a fellow salemite:) I found your blog via searching for tai chi in salem. Too bad I missed this workshop tho. Do you know of any meetups around town for tai chi?



Good job! I would also like to mention that Master Leung’s message was not lost on me. The idea, the fact, even, that power, real power, is what you give to others. When people truly love you, respect you, it is because you have given them the power to do so, without forcing or coercing them.

And, speaking of power, back to the martial aspects, Master Leung also had me hold him in a bear hug from behind. This small man released himself from my grasp with a move (crane spreads its wings) which thrust his shoulder (his shoulder, mind you!) into my chest, followed by a rain of elbows which thankfully were very well controlled. This leads to another point he made, a good teacher never hurts his students. He illustrated that earlier by telling a story about a student that came to him and told him he studied with a “great teacher”. “What makes him so great?” Sifu Leung asked. “Well, he broke three of my ribs the last time we sparred!” responded the student. Master Leung pointed this man to the “gorilla” in the corner, saying “Well, this guy can do a lot more damage that just breaking three ribs. You should follow him as he would be a great teacher!”

Eric, thanks for adding to my rendition of Master Leung's workshop.

Yes, his mentions of love and respect, via some stories and otherwise, were moving. As was, more physically, how he handled your bear hug.

I also liked what Bob AngYo Brown, the organizer of the event, said when he walked up to the stage to offer some remarks on his own. From my notes...

-- All of martial arts, including Tai Chi, is based on mindfulness. As is living life as a whole, properly.

-- One must be concentrated, focused.

-- You know what to do at each moment.

-- Apply a small drop of chi (energy); that power, applied at the right time, at the right point, can accomplish great things.

Colin, I'm not aware of any Tai Chi "meetups" outside of Tai Chi classes. If this ever happens I'll blog about it.

I'm attracted to the philosophical side of Tai Chi (obviously) and have thought about starting a Taoism discussion group here in Salem.

Something loose and informal, probably. Just some folks sitting around a coffeehouse table shooting some caffeinated Tai Chi/Taoism breeze. Maybe someday...

Hi All, I'm recording a series of Progressive Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan classes (Master Leung's system as best I can follow it) for broadcast on CCTV channel 23 (Comcast)in the Salem/Keizer area. I'm also considering offering early morning (wake-up)Chi Kung/Tai Chi Chuan Training at Cafe Noir 7am-8am one day a week (??) If you're interested contact me. [email protected]

Hi, Master Leung and disciples will be at the Interfaith Peace Festival, 3pm Saturday August 20, 2011.

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