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January 09, 2011


We know return you

Two things: Hasn't that idiot ever heard of spell-Czech? Oh, wait...

Ever noticed that folks called "Dick" usually are?

If you're looking to the Statesman Journal for coverage of national news, you're doing it wrong.

Chris, I don't think my expectation to have better national news coverage in our local paper is unwarranted, since the front pages of papers in Eugene, Medford, and Roseburg had what I wanted, and these cities are no bigger, or smaller, than Salem.

There has to be a balance, naturally. I open up the front section of the Oregonian first, because I know that it is more of a regional paper, with better national news.

But when there is a story, like this one, that transcends boundaries -- that has initiated an examination of how political discourse should take place at every level of government, such a story should get front page placement from the Statesman Journal.

And the editorial page editor shouldn't dismiss a concern from a reader as "whining." That's a symptom of the problem that the attack on the Congresswoman is making clear: the inability of some people to engage in debate without calling the opposition names.

Wow...The Dick provided all the reasons to terminate any subscriptions and advise any and all advertisers that you are doing so.

Make a point of shouting to local merchants about how you've ceased reading the local rag because it can't be arsed to report the news.

My folks, long-time subscribers, were appalled by the S-J's horrible coverage. Being older folks, they don't look to the internet for news... they expect it to be in the morning paper.

I suggested they switch to the Oregonian

i'm guessing, because of all the coverage today, they'll skip anything about the inauguration. or the Ducks game. because people will already have those details.

he makes Hasso Herring look like a world-class editor.

I don't read your blog to often but I must say that I'm not really surprised by this. The Statesman Journal is pretty bad not that The Oregonian is any better. Honestly if you want news then get a good feed reader and subscribe to their RSS feeds and dont pay them a cent.

Newspapers are a dying a breed.

What liberal trash! Why do you put this congresswowan on a pedestal and leave out the other poor souls that wer killed. And to think the boneheads in Washington DC want to name a navy vessel after her! She shoulds be ashamed of this moronic idea and suggest that it be named after the little girl that was murdered because of her.

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