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January 16, 2011


Another presentation worth considering.



Bob, any global cooling scenario isn't worth considering, because the science and facts don't support it. The earth is warming, not cooling, no matter what some guy says.

It has been observed that ice ages were preceded by periods of rapid global warming.

It's too late to do anything about global warming. It was always too late, because we cannot help being what we are: selfish creatures who are concerned only with their own individual comfort.
However, we are also naturally occurring creatures, which means that we function as energy transformers. Life is simply a transitory phase in the constantly changing reality of the planet.
No need to affirm or deny global warming. It is simply an observation.

This message has been brought to you courtesy of fossil fuel consumption.

I will close by declaring that nauseating mantra of insincerity: Have A Nice Day!

I think this civilization is doomed to run its course. Like Willie R said, we are selfish creatures. Even we who condemn those who pollute do the same by consuming manufactured products, the production of which pollutes the planet, including fuel efficient cars which still spew contaminants into the air. Energy snobs in their hybrids are no better than all the ignorant slobs in their conventional vehicles. Goddamn it. Quit driving altogether if you want something to happen. It begins with you and me.

There are so many factors involved. We can't even agree on a health care bill. How do we get the world to change to a new paradigm? China and India love emerging out of third world status. It's burm baby burn as far as they are concerned.

If you think you can do something about it follow the old adage that if you want world peace let it begin with yourself. Go back to primitive living off the grid. Eat foraged roots and berries. Sleep in a brush or adobe hut or occupy an abandoned building. Quit buying plastic stuff like these computers that eventually end up as trash. Quit paying your mortgage because the money that pays for it probably comes one way or another from a process that pollutes. Does your work ever involve paper? Metal? Synthetic fabrics? Fuel? Lubricants? Energy? If you talk the talk then walk the walk.

Maybe the outcome of global warming will be something good we can't see yet. Like getting rid of an excess 5 or 6 billion energy burners. Think of all the cheap housing that will be available.

It will unfold.

I'd like to see real solutions proposed such as an affordable national plan to put solar panels on every house and a plug-in electric hybrid car in every garage. Allow people to get reasonable 15 year financing. And by the way limit it to USA manufactured solar panels and plug in hybrids. That should create a few jobs. We need to think big about the future.


I think that the debate is far from over regarding climate change. And, if we're possibly dealing with a global surface temperature cyclic condition, then it's certainly in our best interest to understand the potential factors and outcome involved.

This whole climate change affair is a "loaded" movement - full of questionable research, data, etc. (probably from both sides of the isle) - along with political and monetary interests.

Let the debate continue.


PS: Whether long-term global surface temperatures are here to stay or not - I favor reducing toxic emissions that contribute to poor health and a plain funky environment. I'm all in favor of reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

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