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December 04, 2010


I wish someone else would get the nomination for 2012. Not much chance of that though.

I want call them out , I think i will call them heroes. We need the President Bush tax cuts continued across the board.There are many small businesses that would have suffered a tax increase they can't handle had obama and the liberals had their way and been able to push through a TAX INCREASE on small businesses making $1M and up. You don't get it.Small businesses drive this country!!! Listen to the voters!!! Oh, and by the way this is just one of many congressional votes the liberals will lose so get used to it.Let me make a prediction for you, Hillary will challange and defeat obama for the democratic nomination next election.Talk to you soon and don't forget to watch Sarah palin's Alaska Sundays at 9PM.

PTEC, you're wrong on all fronts. Face the facts:

(1) Only 2% of "small businesses" have adjusted taxable income (namely, profits) of over $250,000 a year. And most of these actually are large businesses with gross receipts of over $10 million a year. See:

(2) I am listening to the voters. As noted in this post, 53% of Americans want the tax cuts only extended for the middle class, not for the wealthy. See:

I realize that facts are an inconvenient truth. But you, and Obama, need to deal with them.

Soooo...I can only assume if you are listening to the voters....that you want to see healthcare reform repealed also. Or does the will of the voters only matter when they support something you agree with?

No s**t. I wouldn't waste as much as a stamp on Obama and this Senate.

Dan, I would indeed listen to the voters on health care reform. Twice as many believe the bill didn't go far enough as want it repealed. So Americans say that health care reform needs to be continued and strengthened, which is my position also. See:

So is that the same Americans that are in a majority in this poll, that has been taken every week since the day congress approved a Socialized Medical Plan, to repeal the plan? http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/healthcare/health_care_law Are they saying they want to repeal the the plan because it didn't go far enough?

The problem with polls are: They gather their data by calling people on the phone, disturbing their daily life, no idea if they are of age to vote, illegally in the country, in prison, likely to vote etc. How many of your friends are dumping the land line phones they have, and going all cellular? Or how many like me have caller ID and are not going to answer a call where the incoming caller is POLITICAL CALL, UNKNOWN CALLER, NEW YORK, PRIVATE, BLOCKED CALL, MARKET METRICS, etc, etc. My time is far more valuable than taking that call.

I don't understand why you are so disappointed in Obama though Brian. If you look at what he has done in his career... he is acting no different than he ever has. He has done nothing in his life besides getting elected. Every job he ever had, every political position he ever had, he did nothing. Even his voting records as a congressman at state or federal level was... inconclusive... present. It's like he was just along for the ride needing to look good when the opportunity arose. He's an empty suit that looks good and speaks well, when prompted.

But in two years, he has taken many really nice vacations, and played a lot of golf and basketball. With the country in peril, and record unemployment, it inspires the rest of us that someone doesn't have our problems.

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