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December 08, 2010


How one sees it all depends on how one sees the importance of Social Security being funded through payroll taxes. This cut will never be restored and we know the system already is in shortfall. Many want it gone. This is on the road to that. He could have cut taxes on the bottom earners by increasing the earned income credits which by the way they say this will make some low income earners actually getting less of a benefit. The other thing is how important is the deficit. I am still disgusted with him and since he put Geithner and Sommers in charge of finances, I've worried about what that meant. I think we are beginning to see.

This is a complete disaster, and a sellout. You were right the first time.

Jack, I can understand your position. Maybe I'm more Obama'ish than I thought when I wrote my first critical post about the tax deal.

Meaning, in some ways this is a question of idealism vs. pragmatism. I fly both ways, depending on my mood. It seems that Obama is a similar sort of bird.

Listening to POTUS on Sirius satellite radio yesterday (my favorite political talk channel, because it is intelligent and factual), a caller from Washington DC who the host identified as a frequent and knowledgeable commenter on POTUS ended by saying this:

Whatever the flaws of the tax deal are, they're vastly better for the country than a President Sarah Palin and Vice-President Mitt Romney (or the reverse).

He felt, and I agree, that the economic stimulus benefits and political plus'es of this deal (for independents, particularly) outweigh the negatives.

I seem to recall that he said Obama is playing chess, not checkers. That is, his current moves are part of a long range strategy. Viewed in isolation, it looks like Obama is sacrificing a lot. But time will tell to what extent this is true.

Reasoning, neuroscientists tell us, isn't mainly logical. Or, conscious. All I know is that I started to feel better about the tax deal the more I learned about it. I can supply reasons for that feeling, but my intuition is more real than the reasons -- if you get what I mean.

You might be right. This deal could be a disaster for the country, Obama, and the Democrats. I just find myself more optimistic.

I don't trust Obama and no longer am even sure it's better that he's in the White House. Suppose he'd have lost, then we'd still likely have a Democratic majority and maybe super majority in the Senate, enough to do what is required and even override vetoes. It's not like I wanted the nut that is McCain or the disaster that is Palin but to have a Democrat do this to us is worse. And too many times people do rollover because it's their guy. We should not. I am extremely proud of DeFazio standing up to fight this and it makes me very happy we donated to his campaign even though he's not in our district.

I read Obama also said SS didn't start out as a pension system but as help for widows and orphans. That doesn't sound good for his intentions toward it and he is wrong about its history. I don't trust him at all and my distrust began when he appointed who he did to the economic leadership. It's disheartening to say the least.

I hope the Democrats continue to fight the Obama Tax Deal. I would prefer to see it fail during this lame duck session.

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