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November 18, 2010


One theme I notice throughout Blogger Brian's posts is that:

1) Republicans/conservatives are wrong, stupid and bad.

2) Democrats/progressives/liberals (him) are right, smart and good.

There have been a few exceptions to this rule, I think, but very few.

But that's OK. It's Brian's thing. Brian's right. Brian's blog. Brian's opinion. Don't like it? Too bad. Go elsewhere.

I would just like to say that to me 1 and 2 are not nearly that black and white as Brian seems to see it.

We need both sides of the spectrum to hopefully come up with a balanced system. There are times to be liberal and times to be conservative don't you think? A time to push and a time to yield?

One obstacle to this is that people are so damn emotional about their political beliefs. Bring up politics at Thanksgiving dinner and pretty soon the cranberry sauce will start flying.

Another problem is that both parties are completely corrupt and the system needs to be changed. Not constitutionally, but functionally. How the game is played.

I agree it's a good idea to get rid of all the fucking bombs-- except ours of course ;)

But let's not be naive. The Russians and others don't give a fig about honoring any treaty with the U.S. If it serves some political or economic advantage for them they will sign and pretend to go along with it. But in the meantime, in the background they will maintain what they think they need regardless of a treaty. The Putin bunch, for one, are gangsters. Very ruthless, very tough and smart. Thugs of the first order. I wouldn't trust anything they say or do.

So, maybe Kyl et al are just getting real. We give up 100 missles and the other guys just pretend to. Or they give up 100 old ones and build 100 new ones.

Really, there are no rules in this world except when it serves someones purpose. As soon as it doesn't, the rule is broken. Let's not be suckers and give up something for nothing.

I've quoted and linked to this post on my own blog. See http://daveporter.typepad.com/global_strategies/2010/11/start-nuclear-modernization-and-study-abroad-as-seen-from-oregon.html.

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