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November 14, 2010


One person's misfortune can be another's opportunity. Your grandaughter could study business/real estate and acquire land in Greenland to sell to displaced costal dwellers from around the world. Her future is bright.

Go North young (wo)man...to Greenland!

Obviously costal flooding would be calamitous, but as a result new lands will open up. Clean lands that maybe can be governed with sound environmental principles.

An alternative approach to climate change:


not entirely onn topic, but an interesting verse I found elsewhere...

The self-deceit of modern man

It can only be self-deceit in our era that gives us climbing carbon dioxide but degenerating concern, increasing temperatures but diminishing temperament. While storms intensify our passion declines, while the ice melts our hearts harden, while coral succumbs to acid seas our appetites succumb to temptation. We talk more yet do less, we hold grander conferences but achieve poorer results.
Our is the era of environmental rape. We drive more and more to create higher and higher traffic in which less and less moves. Our rampant industrial footprint batters the climate, and we’re surprised when it can only respond with tsunamis. Our pride and technological power rises without restraint, and we’re surprised when islands sink. As polls for action slide down, the planet heats up.
We have childishly challenged those messengers whose dedication to perceiving danger should earn our endless gratitude and support. Yet some are still blind to the inescapable light of inquiry after inquiry, from which truth is manifest, unendingly yelling foul even as they become what they utter. Cheer for real climate scientists who understand the real climate!
We’ve made clean windmills but dirtied our hearts with dollars. We’ve bolstered our coasts but conspired to see them overwhelmed one day. We recognize the greater good of global governance, but through greed and mistrust reject the necessary sacrifices. We’ve multiplied our possessions but diluted our lives. We’ve restored our rivers but wrecked our future. We play solar power but deal nuclear under the table.
In slavery to profit we ignore the planet. To gorge on flesh we create huge herds that damage the air. To watch less and less content we have billions more TVs. To communicate less and less with our loved ones we have billions more phones.
As Gaia’s fever shakes the earth and collapses our cities, we obsess on shaking markets and collapsing banks. As drought and flood and crop-failure bite, we apply the many salves of suburbia. We give an ear to denialists, who cynically confuse with tall tales of wispy clouds and cosmic rays, questioning everything solid from ice-cores to cyclones to sanity as the doomsday clock creeps forward.
Do not side with the pseudo-science of creationism and the tobacco lobby. Do not forget the plight of our planet. Do not forget to turn off your lights and reduce your energy profile.
Let the veils of self-deceit drop away. We must act now. Just cheering the consensus and shouting down the heretics can be your part. Share this message with your loved ones, before Gaia can no longer protect us all.

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