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November 22, 2010


You can get a free amazon prime membership for three months if you are a parent - http://www.amazon.com/gp/mom/signup/info

Or you can get a year free if you are a student - http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info?tag=httpwwwblac07-20&prv=httpwwwblac07-20

All you need is an email address from a college. I got my membership free this year by using this deal. :)

And if you have an app like 1Password you can order in nanoseconds.

Brian - if you think that driving a Prius is actually reducing carbon emissions, you have overlooked some relevant facts.
The feedstock for the Nickel foam used in Prius batteries is mined in Canada. Then the Nickel is shipped to the West coast and floated over to Japan to be processed. Then, the Nickel foam is shipped back to the US to be incorporated into the batteries.
All of the tailpipe emissions that do not issue forth from the tailpipe of the Prius have already issued forth from the various internal combustion engines involved in mining, transporting, and processing the material for making the batteries.
Of course, this should be fairly obvious, inasmuch as a Prius owner pays a higher price up front for the vehicle. What do you think you are paying for? A Corolla is quiet and comfortable and costs a lot less.

It takes "X" amount of energy to move any particular mass any particular distance. It makes absolutely no difference how you do it.

Here's hoping everyone's Black Friday was wonderful.

I read (don't worry, I don't believe everything I read) that when all production costs are considered the Prius costs about $3.25 per mile and is expected to last about 100,000 miles. The Hummer, on the other hand, with all the same factors counted, costs about $1.95 per mile and is expected to last about 300,000 miles. Not to mention that if a Prius battery is not properly disposed of the nickel battery leaches carcinogens into the environment.

Best environmental and economical alternative...

Keep your old car and drive it until parts are no longer available and/or it can't be fixed. This has the least impact on the environment. Rig it up to run on methane from your composting toilet to be extra cool and hip to what's happening, man.

Even if your old car gets bad gas milage the difference will not cost you as much as shelling out for a hybrid and there will be no manufacturing pollution because your car is already made!! Cool huh?

Remember, even if you feel good about yourself for driving a clean machine, someone, somewhere is driving your old inefficient machine which is still belching crud into the atmosphere just as if you were driving it.

tucson, there's always two sides to a question. The notion that a Hummer is more environmentally beneficial than a Prius definitely has another side to it:

Don't worry. I won't buy a Hummer in lieu of a Prius. Actually, I like Willie R's suggestion. To prospective Prius buyers..consider a Corolla and keep it forever.

My daughter, a med student, has the right idea with close to 200K miles on her honda and the thing is still going strong.

A friend has a Ford pick-up with 250K on it. He sees no reason to get a new one.

Another friend drives an ancient Suburban. The thing is a pig and gets no gas milage at all (is it possible to get minus 3 mpg?), but he keeps fixing it and it runs good. Cheaper than buying a new one and he makes no contribution to planetary pollution via manufacture of new cars.

I had a dodge caravan that was going strong at 184K miles when I sold it which I had to do in order to get a truck to haul horses.

Then, green fanatics at the Ashland Community Market with their organic hemp shopping bags gave me shit for driving the Ford F350 saying I was destroying the planet. What was I supposed to do, haul three or four horses to Sisters, Ore. or Lassen Park east of Redding behind my bike? Did they never, ever get in a car? Hippocrites.

They would be happy to know that as soon as I didn't need to haul horses anymore I sold the truck and got a Subaru. But they would have been happier if I got a llama to carry our groceries and the kids to school.

But some horrible person somewhere was still driving that devil truck from hell.

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