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October 25, 2010


The most disturbing thing I have said this year. Glad to know I not completley wacko. Love yor blog , keep up the intelligence.

The problem is too many Americans get their 'news' from Fox or don't get it at all because they don't want to know. They catch some soundbites from advertisements for candidates, think it's the truth if it's flashy enough (like that taxes went up under Obama when they actually went down on the majority of Americans) and vote accordingly or stay home and don't vote.

Personally, I blame Americans for this as, of course, the Republican legislators will only care about their overseers. They give them lots of perks for doing that. Naturally the religious bigots are on their course of taking over the country for Jesus-- their version of Jesus. Of course, the rich will only care about themselves. Men who can see beyond their own doors and care about how others are becoming rarer and rarer as this nation worships at the altar of wealth.

You want to get really depressed, consider this scenario. Bloomberg runs next time and with his many millions to do it he can get quite a few votes as an Independent but not enough to win. He can deny Obama enough to win. Sarah Palin, likely to be the other candidate, can only draw her 30% of the don't want to hear anything but what Limbaugh, Levin and Beck approve; and with that, the election is thrown into the House of Representatives, who the American people are just now handing to the Republicans.

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