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September 19, 2010


Freilinger won't get above 35%. He's a joke. I'm not sure how you qualify saying that he is a "strong candidate." No record of public service. No fundraising. No civic involvement. Looks like he was recruited because he would toe the anti-growth/anti-development line. Look at who is supporting him...this is not a mainstream candidate with broad appeal. This guy is pretty fringe. Milne isn't a prize...but Freilinger is about as weak a candidate as one can expect. We know you hate Milne, and this is your blog. You can do and say what you choose. But let's not be delusional and think Freilinger is the second coming.

Hmmmm. I thought candidates with no experience in public office were all the rage now. Tea Party folks are getting elected because they aren't part of the political establishment, like Milne clearly is.

Yes, look at who is endorsing Freilinger. The Marion County Farm Bureau. Wow, what a bunch of wild-eyed radicals (not).

Keep on thinking that Milne is a shoe-in to win. That's how Miller won in Alaska and O'Donnell in Delaware. Overconfidence is deadly in politics.

You might just find that voters aren't wild about Patti Milne presiding over a $34 million Courthouse Square fiasco. These days politicians are being held accountable for wasting taxpayer dollars, as they should be.

Brian, I truly wish that people would pay attention that the courthouse fiasco happened on Milne's watch. Fault or not...she needs to own it. But Freilinger can't capitalize on any of it. He is only appealing to his narrow group of supporters, and Milne is entrenched. There is no perceived need to boot her out of there...by more than your group(s). It's not enough. Especially in this year that will bode really badly for democrats. You can keep spinning that positive-sunshiney crap, but it is not grounded in reality or even a basic understanding of the electorate.

CountyObserver, the electorate is frustrated with political business as usual, not just Democrats. Because the Dems are in control of things at the national level, I agree that by and large Democratic candidates are facing an uphill battle to be elected this year.

However, I see special circumstances here in Marion County, with the Freilinger-Milne race. Given that Courthouse Square has been declared unusable, with a highly visible fence closing it off, I suspect that Salem/Keizer voters now realize much more fully that they actually are part of Marion County, and that decisions of county commissioners affect them.

Plus, Milne has ticked off many voters in various parts of the county with her unpopular votes on land use cases. They'll be motivated to kick her out of office. So I'm betting that the race will be considerably closer than you're expecting.

don't kid yourself about Milne's supposed conservative views on land use >> she doesnt care about the little guy >> but has granted only exemptions to the big powerful interests
marion county is very corrupt .. and from experience the problem is rooted in the corrupt office of legal council
if u want details contact me > [email protected]
i dont like libs or democrats in general > but any change is a good change when it comes to marion county

If the May vote on the charter had been even a little bit close, I might be able to grant your criticism of Milne's land-use positions some credence. But with a margin of defeat of more than 3-1 (77% no), to believe that Freilinger's chief claim to fame (being a leading proponent of the charter) will be able to carry him to victory is delusion.

Besides, he is proving at every joint public appearance to be woefully ill-equipped to be a county commissioner. He is inarticulate, cannot nail down an answer to questions, and fails miserably to counter Milne.

Milne had no involvement with the planning or construction of Courthouse Square. As you, yourself, stated in the post, she joined the Board just as the building was completed. Since she is the longest-serving member of the current board, none of the commissioners can be held to blame for poor oversight of the construction. I am sure that there will be more to come in the way of damages/compensation/judgments from those at fault.

Davis, you need to read the post I put up tonight about how Freilinger crushed Milne at a League of Women Voters debate. See:

You're utterly wrong about Freilinger vs. Milne. Jason clearly had more facts at his command than Patti, which is a big weakness of hers. Like Stephen Colbert, she believes in making decisions from her "gut" in the spirit of truthiness -- not reality.

Regarding oversight of Courthouse Square, Freilinger pointed out that she was part of a Board that refused to allow independent inspectors from Marion County (or elsewhere) to inspect the construction as it was going on.

Then she failed to look into the building's problems that became apparent as early as 2002. So now we're left with a useless $34 million Courthouse Square, because Milne and the other commissioners put their heads in the sand and pretended everything was OK as the building disintegrated around them.

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