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June 22, 2010


I'm not a tea party type but have reservations about cap and trade also. It sounds like another level of bureaucracy where somebody makes money for managing these 'trades'. To me a simpler approach is a carbon tax which would give the government money to do research on new energy ideas. It accomplishes the idea of reducing usage (if people care about the cost) but without that level of bureaucracy making money off it, doesn't it?

Rain, i'm not very knowledgeable about either cap and trade or carbon tax approaches to reducing carbon emissions. But clearly either would be better than the almost-nothing we have now.

I was sort of thinking "carbon tax" when I said that stronger legislation than cap and trade would be even better. Quickly reviewing the Wikipedia articles on these subjects, it does seem like a carbon tax is a better approach to fighting global warming. James Hansen, someone I admire, favors a carbon tax over cap and trade. See:

Because cap and trade is market based, I think Republicans in Congress are more likely to favor it than a carbon tax. After all, they like to call cap and trade "cap and tax" -- which I guess is supposed to be a derogatory term (I don't think taxes are bad, so the word "tax" doesn't scare me).

So this probably is why cap and trade is the Dems' favored approach. Sadly, even this minimalist proposal will have a tough time passing because of the do-nothing know-nothing Republicans in Congress.

What Republicans like about cap and trade, I think, is that somebody makes money off it. They are so scared of admitting that sometimes taxes must be raised that they cannot look at anything for what it is. I think Americans could be convinced on the carbon tax right now if it was pushed as a way to do research and production of alternative energies. Of course, who knows. Logic so seldom holds much sway these days...

If you would take a look at the DOE started by I think Carter to get us off oil and come up with other sources has done nothing and yet cost us billions just to grow government. I am sure Brian won't complain when his power rates go up by 40% along with fuel & food. Then it will be republicians fault not Obama's right. Cap & trade will do nothing except raise costs on everything & kill any chance of growth. I believe Brian would be happy if Obama just controlled his life for him, so sad.

Mort, I'll be happy when we act to make sure that there is a viable world/climate for my granddaughter to grow up in. Sorry, but I have zero patience with global warming deniers who are willing to stick their head in the (increasingly hotter) sand and risk the future of our planet.

If this country was being attacked by another nation, we'd all mobilize to fight the enemy. The danger of global climate change is equally serious -- just not as dramatic. Our intelligence agencies agree that global warming is a real and present danger to the security of the United States.

I'm willing to pay 50 cents a day to help assure that my granddaughter will be able to grow up in a world that is as good, or better, than the one I grew up in. Are you?

Al Gore is so worried about it I'm sure, that's why he purchased beach front property I believe last year, it's a scam as is Gore. It might be different if he would practice what he preaches. It's all about the money.

Mort, you're wrong. It's about the science, not the money. You really need to educate yourself on the science of global warming, along with how the American public feels about acting to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

For example...

A study found that 97 to 98 % of the peer-reviewed scientific research supports the IPCC conclusions that global warming is happening and humans are responsible for it:

And a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans support clean energy legislation that includes carbon pollution reductions, even if it means an increase in the cost of energy:

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