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June 30, 2010


You are a smart guy, Brian. But it is a common failing to attribute extra levels of credibility to a source or an outcome when it reinforces your own opinions. You have no risk to your own personal image when you assume (or believe) the worst of Republicans, since you are already predisposed to disagree, oppose or be critical of them personally and their policies. If a study showed that Democrats were equally kooky on key issues, I would guess you might take a bit more cautious or skeptical view...or dismiss it outright.

If one is going to argue that Obama is a socialist president (he is), then one also has to argue that GW Bush was a socialist president as well (he was, i.e.: prescription drugs, TARP). For all their differences, Obama and Bush have more in common than “R is good, D is bad” type Republicans will admit. For example, portions of Obama’s 7/01/2010 immigration reform speech were nearly verbatim to Bush’s IR push.

Suspicion about Obama’s past is in large part Obama’s own fault for being so secretive. For example, why provide only a short-form certificate of live birth and not the long-form certificate detailing the name of the hospital and the doctor who delivered him? What does it indicate that he does not want you to know? Gore, Bush, Kerry, and McCain provided their medical records and college transcripts, but Obama will not. What do they contain that he does not want you to know? If there’s nothing to hide, there’s no reason to hide it – and if there’s something to brag about, Obama the self-promoter would be the first to show it off.

Republicans may be kookie for believing he’s a closet Muslim. But blindly handing the power of the presidency to an unknown and a denier like Obama (Re: Wright/Pfleger/radical religious left association, ACORN association, Blagojevich pay-go, Sestak job, etc., etc., etc.) is dangerous and far kookier. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/06/02/opinion/main4145761.shtml

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