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June 12, 2010


"because he and Larson kept saying that because Oregon has had an unusually cool spring, this shows that global warming isn't happening."

Ultimately Lars Larson is either lying to sell his political ideology or is simply small minded. He may be able to sell the cool weather theory to his ignorant listeners in the Northwest, but the big picture is that it has been warm in the eastern US and to the north in Alaska.

Take a look at this:

NOAA: May Global Temperature is Warmest on Record


Look at the chart:


Sure enough, an intense area of blue in the Northwest.

By my estimate 2/3 of the earth is showing red, i.e. above average temperatures, with a lot of intense red, 3-5C above average in the far northern areas throughout the earth.

Consensus? Where is this wealth of information? I have seen only one major group of scientists research this and they have been caught lying(leaked emails). I have read many peer reviewed studies about climate and climate change and the data shows we are in a typical climate cycle. Nobody would have ever known about the global warming if it werent for the news. In fact, nobody would have known about swine flu....wait....what happened with the swine flu? See a trend? News is ruining everyone's perceptions about climate...

Also, on the IPCC website, I have noticed that they use a few sources from years ago. Like 15-20 years ago, when the science was not quite as sound as it is today.

What about all of these scientists that are not against the theory, just question it and the science to back it up?
Here is where you can start hearing the opposing side...
and here are each speaker's videos about what research they have found to back up their claims...

So, I must ask....why must everyone believe there is this one-sided consensus when there really isnt?
What about these scientists?
31,000 scientists being ignored? There cannot be a consensus if the opposing side is being ignored. Thats just not science.
What about him?

My question is, where do peope get their information about global warming/climate change?
Also, I think it's funny how if you do not support another side's agenda, they lash out against you and really hope people are mature enough to not do this...

Alan, you really need to look into the science of global climate change more closely. Peer-reviewed research in this area, as in other scientific fields, is the most reliable source of solid evidence about what is going on with the Earth's climate.

A study found that 97 to 98 % of the peer-reviewed scientific research supports the IPCC conclusions that global warming is happening and humans are responsible for it:

And a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans support clean energy legislation that includes carbon pollution reductions, even if it means an increase in the cost of energy:

So the facts are clear: global warming is happening; humans are responsible for it; and the American public wants this country to transition away from fuels that release carbon pollution.

But I did. Im sure I could find dozens of sites that show only one research study that support only one study.
You see, you showed me a study of how its legitimate, but nothing of the science of climate change. You only showed me a website that clearly supports the idea of man causing the climate to change. They don't have an unbiased opinion because they dont even show one. The journals I provided only show the science of climate. And you provided only one source that appears less scientific and more opinion based. The links from the website go back to the same exact website. For that very reason, I question their sources. Where are the sources of the research? The scientific research?

Science is never clear. Its never completely sound. There are always opposing views. We have barely began to study our star, which happens to be more violent and inconsistant that we thought it was.
Even some of Einsteins theories are being questioned when we look how galaxies move throughout the galaxy(dark matter).
I hope you reconsider and read the sources I provided, as I have already read yours. (and thank you for providing those links, I think its always important)
There was once a video that had the IPCC chairman blatenly admit that there is no evidence of man-made CO2 causing the climate to change, but we should act accordingly just in case if it does.
You know what happened to that proof? the youtube video got deleted by the user. It was a sad day for me. Knowing that if other scientists have opposing views, they are lashed out against or sources get deleted.
So, again, I question everyone's motives here.

Remember, the purpose is to educate one another. Thank you for doing so. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Um, I do not see why warming is bad. Over all productivity should be higher in the north. Is it preferable that we have the -.1C that we would have less agriculture and oil?
I might really dislike Lars, but I am of the opinion that warming will be beneficial once people accept it. It appears that Lars is just being contrarian because one cannot claim that the warming is false while also claiming that it will be good at the same time since they are fundamentally different claims.

Some perspective:


There were forests in Greenland many centuries ago, when population was insignificant, demonstrating that global warming was far more due to something else (the sun's activity?). However, it is clear that there is a theory that man is the cause and then experiments designed to prove, not test the theory. Clearly there is bias in the "global warming" crowd and I think, like the Rosseauists, their aim is to destroy the population (think Pol Pot and Cambodia). I don't trust the "global warming" crowd and AlGor the flaming prince of "burn" while he is the poster child for energy wasting bigotry.

Global warming denial is motivated by the same ideology that brought us ozone hole denial, acid rain denial, asbestos denial, and so on back through history. It comes from the simpleminded folk who only want to believe what make$ them feel good. Evidence to them is strictly ego-based.

Industries make big money from natural resources or man-made chemicals, and anyone who questions that gravy train will get flack until the evidence becomes commonly accepted and they drop their ruse of "skepticism." You either have to wait them out or pass legislation under their noses. With AGW, waiting is no longer an option.

Jim C,

Do you buy stuff? You know, manufactured consumer goods. If so, you are part of the problem, like me.

Around the turn of the 19th century, the science known as eugenics was considered almost universally true, even by the great thinkers of our time (e.g. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison to name a few). Those with dissenting voices were considered quacks and charlatans and were discounted--and even silenced--by the scientific community. Government legislators eager to win votes jumped on the bandwagon. Laws were written to protect people from those who may try to manipulate this science for their own benefit. Many of those remained on the books for decades to follow. Finally after small bits of contradictory evidence surfaced, dissenting voices began gaining traction and the science was slowly, but eventually debunked. That is where I think we are today until irrefutable science surfaces that proves climate changes aren't just natural phenomenon and are something man can influence.

You are a bad writer. You had no information to back you up. All I read was you insulting Lars Larson. You are operating on pure assumption and have no facts. How could you be so old and so stupid.
Best thing you could do to lower the carbon footprint is go kill yourself.

Jeez Louise, Bill Gates! I presume you are NOT THE BILL GATES, although that would be a hoot if you were! I agree that this bomb throwing, anthropological global warming disciple isn't terribly bright given he cites the work of a high school teacher's fiction while simultaneously criticizing some fellow for ONLY holding a B.A. degree in atmospheric science. However, suggesting he offsets his imagined fears by offing himself...well, that's just cold! Funny as hell, but cold! LMAO!

Funny how all the "Global Warming" enthusiasts and fear mongers have now changed it to "Climate Change". Shows the ignorance and pure stupidity of the people who don't have any clue or background in science. NOAA has been shown to have manipulated data to fit their agenda(s) numerous times. Pathetic.

You didn't argue a single point that was made by Larson or Chuck Wiese. I didn't attend college, instead I joined the military, but if this is how colleges are teaching you to right an argumentative essay, you're terrible mistaken. In this case your title is Larson and Wiese lie about global warming.... you should present the 3 most obvious lies they said in which you feel arguable..... then once those statements they said are clear argue how they are lies...... all you did was type a bunch on snark, obviously thought out insults and give other options in which the reader could refer to in order to prove your point..... your blog presented little direction, similar to the Democratic Party.

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