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May 20, 2010


I don't understand why you are letting Janet Carlson off the hook. She repeated all the same lie as the other two, just more articulately. Whatever her small differences may be with Sam and Patti on other issues, on this one she toed the party line and was as sleazy as anyone. Why should she get a pass? Let's work on replacing all three of them eventually.

Laurel, when I focused on replacing Milne and Brentano, I was thinking practically: Carlson is up for re-election this November, right? Without opposition. So Milne and Brentano are the two commissioners coming up first for replacement. Since two is a majority, this is all that is needed to refer a home rule charter to the voters.

My wife and I have a lot of experience with seeing the commissioners in action at board meetings and hearings. Days and days of experience, over the almost five years our neighborhood has been fighting a large subdivision on groundwater limited high-value farmland.

Brentano and Milne have consistently ignored facts and the law in their rush to issue a "pave it over" judgment. Carlson hasn't. Yes, we disagree with some of her interpretations of state law and county ordinances, but in comparison with Milne and Brentano, Carlson has exhibited much more intelligence, clarity, and rationality.

Further, when I wrote each of the commissioners about their voter pamphlet statement on Measure 24-292, Carlson was the only one who responded to my email. She did so politely and quickly, forwarding a county legal counsel memo that supported her position on an issue regarding the Measure.

Again, I didn't agree with the reasoning. But I appreciated having halfway reasonable reasons given to me, which is the basis for a dialogue. This is another example of why I consider Carlson to be the best of the current three commissioners. But you're absolutely correct that she needs to be held equally accountable for falsities she promulgated about the Measure.

Really, Brian? Was it the lies that prevented the "correct" vote? Or maybe people just didn't agree. Is that even possible in your world...where your ideas aren't quite the complete cosmic embodiment of goodness and truth that you think? Far better to assume the victim position and say that your defeat was only because your opponent had more money, or was a liar. You don't agree with their decisions, but how are you any different than a developer or a chamber of commerce. YOU were trying to buy a decision, the same as them. Except you were trying to game the whole system. Best of luck with the whole martyr thing. Pathetic looks pretty good on you.

Dan, you conveniently ignored the most important and obvious question: did Walt Beglau and the Salem Chamber of Commerce spread lies about Measure 24-292? The Statesman Journal Worst Campaign award strongly points to "yes." As do the facts.

How much would you bet on a elections law complaint against the Measure's opponents? How certain are you that if a complaint is filed, it won't be found to have merit?

Are you qualified to tell what is a lie, what is the truth, and what is an interpretation or perception? If it doesn't agree with your view...does that mean it is a lie? People can state their opinions vehemently...but it doesn't mean they are lying, even if there are widely accepted facts to the contrary, or if you personally and passionately disagree.

And directly to your question...no, a complaint will be found to have no merit. Bank on it. The DA and any other elected official can speak about and advocate or oppose any candidate or measure they see fit, and use their title while doing it. They can't use public money to do it, like using their office budget to send out mail.

Dan, I guess you're not up on Oregon election law. I'm pleased to educate you. Here's the relevant ORS, which prohibits making a false statement about a measure with "knowledge" or "reckless disregard."

Beglau wrote the ballot description for the Measure. Yet he falsely stated that a costly special election would be needed if the Measure passes, even though the Measure explicitly says otherwise. I say, "Guilty."
260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure; civil action; damages; other remedies; limitation on action. (1) No person shall cause to be written, printed, published, posted, communicated or circulated, any letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph or other publication, or cause any advertisement to be placed in a publication, or singly or with others pay for any advertisement, with knowledge or with reckless disregard that the letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph, publication or advertisement contains a false statement of material fact relating to any candidate, political committee or measure.

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