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May 24, 2010


Basketball teams that lose 77 to 23 realize they aren't going to beat the other side, no matter how hard they practice.

Brian...you got smoked. But instead of whining about how awful the winners are (which sounds really pathetic), you should try looking inward at your own campaign. It was promoted by a very narrow band of fringe land use extremists. It wasn't this huge, mainstream movement that you all tried to pretend. Your activities really left you vulnerable to criticism, and NO ONE believes that adding more commissioners would cost LESS. That was ridiculous. And the argument that voting for one commissioner somehow increased accountability over getting to vote for three...well, that is just about as bad as your cost analysis. This isn't some political science experiment at Humboldt State complete with the haze of pot smoke and a drum circle. This is real life, and 77% of Marion County thought your idea sucked. And this is probably where you will say they just didn't understand...or were too stupid to cut through the lies and misinformation...or if only you had some money...or some other "rail against the establishment" excuse.

M and Dan, my point -- which is irrefutable -- is that county politics is a game that keeps on being played. There are countless examples of a team bouncing back from defeat and winning on another day. So we'll see how this plays out.

First "rematch" will be Commissioner Milne's re-election bid. Along with a referee's ruling on elections law complaints. I expect there will be surprises along the way, which is the nature of games.

The .200 singles hitter comes to bat with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, an 0-2 count, and his team behind 3-0. Then he hits a home run. You just never know.

Stay cocky, guys. Believe that the Chamber of Commerce and GOP flacks like Chuck Adams can't lose a campaign. Believe that things always will stay the same in Marion County.

Until...they aren't.

Sorry, bud. Jason Freilinger isn't a .200 hitter. He's the guy who showed up for Free Bat Day and got called out of the stands on a random drawing. Sure...lightning could strike. He could grand slam it out of the park. He could just be this amazing political phenom who has languished in obscurity, just waiting for his chance to hit the big show. But the odds are not exactly in his favor. I'm sure you will steel yourself with dreams of the great upset...a cinderella story comeback...David and Goliath. So put your money where your mouth is. Let's see you devote a personal fortune to his success. And not just a little contribution. Let's see you bankroll him. Talk is cheap.

Ooh, excellent news! Nobody is taking Jason Freilinger seriously. He's got you right where he wants you: complacent and overconfident. I've seen plenty of football games where the high-ranked team thought it could just show up on the field and win.

So...you're absolutely right. The odds are in Milne's favor. She'll win in November. Nothing will happen that could possibly change the election math. Six months from now you can return to my blog and say, "I told you so." See you then.

Wow...a real zinger, Brian. I was totally unprepared for the deluge of political with and wisdom you just put on my porch and lit on fire. I am taken aback. However could I allow myself to be lulled into complacency like that? I am shamed. ;)

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