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March 19, 2010


Doesn't it bother you what the congress has done in order to insure passage of this bill? They have circumvented the democratic process. Doesn't that raise a red flag to anyone? Wouldn't it be better if we "all" came together to help people?

Nobody dies from a lack of health insurance. This lib talking point demonstrates their own hypocracy, though. If they believe that 44k die each year, they could have bought them all insurance coverage for around 300 million dollars. Think about the many pet projects that cost more than that. If these folks were really dying, and the libs really cared, they would have rerouted budget money long ago.

Butterfly, the democratic process hasn't been subverted. Democrats have been using processes that are the same, or at least very similar, to what Republicans have done many times in the past. Plus, I'm a lot more bothered by the many problems of our health care system than I am about insider Washington politics.

kay, along that line, you are flat wrong about nobody dying from a lack of health insurance. The study I linked to in my post was published in the American Journal of Public Health and was conducted by Harvard researchers.

Read the study:

It concluded "uninsurance is associated with mortality," a conclusion found in other studies. So if you're against extending health insurance to 30 million or more Americans, you're anti-life and pro-death. It's that simple. Me, I'm proudly pro-life.

I think a lot more people die from health care simply not being available than from not being able to pay for health care that IS available.

Ultimately, any health care reform measures will do nothing to ensure the availability of health care. Unless, of course, a geographic or demographic quota requirement is codified.

We humans are a Me-First species. As long as I have mine, I am in a position to assist others - if I happen to be so inclined. With billions of us on the planet and hundreds of millions of us in the USA, there is bound to be conflict.

We live in interesting times.

Thank you!!!! I could not agree more! I have so many conservative friends who follow FOX NEWs religiously. I myself watch several sources of news & never once has FOX proved to me to be anything but a GOP Public Relations network. I've tried many times to Blog on FOX to give them an opposing viewpoint only to have my opinion "omitted". I get so tired of reading their 3rd Reich-like talking points played out as if the rest of the free world thinks like they do. What’s more upsetting is that whenever I do see an opposing view point published it usually makes the author appear as an ignorant foul mouth hick. I'm under the impression that FOX generates these fake comments as a way of punctuating their agenda points. PS: They picked the perfect name. FOX. As in "Sly as a Fox."

The Republicans scream about deficits and taxes. Yet they were the cheerleaders behind the big give-away when Bush came into office in 2001 and emptied out a Trillion dollars in tax surpluses. (Huge sums of cash were given to the 1% mega-rich) Then after 9-11 instead of focusing on the Terrorist camps in Afghanistan the Republicans pushed for attacking Iraq costing billions of dollars & thousands of lives. It seems that the Republicans don't have a problem spending money when it comes to killing the wrong enemy. But they scream & cry if we spend money to help our own people get healthy.
Contrary to Republican beliefs many of us non-republicans believe in Jesus too. And the phrase "What would Jesus do?" He'd heal the sick. We need to follow him by example. God Bless you President Obama. Those of us with Chronic illnesses salute you.

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