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February 25, 2010


It is disgusting. I am maddest at all the unthinking right wing robots who follow these bozos and support them to their own detriment and that of their neighbors. It's an exercise in madness to try to follow their logic.

So if you don't like your insurance company, then why don't you just drop your coverage? Just pay for your medical expenses with cash. I know of doctors that will charge less for a cash payer than an insurance patient. That way you can thumb your nose at the profit mongers.

Danno, that's like saying I don't like my fire insurance company, so if my house burns down I'll just pay for my rebuilding expenses with cash.

Except...oops, I don't have enough cash for that. This is the purpose of insurance: to guard against unlikely, but expensive, problems/catastrophes.

None of us knows if we are going to need expensive medical care at some point. Cancer, heart disease, or whatever can strike even the seemingly healthy.

So I'm afraid your idea, though it makes sense in some ways, won't work for those who want their health insurance to guard against going bankrupt from a major medical problem.

Well I guess that is kind of my point. All this hub bub on in DC about health care reform seems to be of an urgent need to insure 30 million people that don't have coverage. A good percentage of these people don't want to pay for insurance anyway. They know if they get hurt or sick, they can go to any hospital and not be denied health care, regardless if they can pay, or have insurance. The heartstrings are being pulled with the individuals that didn't have coverage, or adequate coverage. Now if all the sudden they are diagnosed with cancer, or any other disease that is expensive to treat, they suddenly have a need to be "insured". But it's too late. It's not insurance if the condition is already there. There is no "chance" of it happening... it is merely a desire to finance a condition at this point. At one time the laws of Washington made it possible to get insurance after having a baby, and retro the benefit back to the beginning. How is that insurance?

I just think part of the solution might be to cut it to the underlying costs of services rendered. Cut out the middle man of insurance, and work on removing the things that cause health care to be so expensive.

Nice post, but Brian is not interested in fixing insurance by getting rid of the state mandates, buying across state lines or working on some tort reform as most of the people have been asking for. He just wants to praise Obama and have government hold everyones hand and make the sun shine. He would seem to be happier in Cuba or some other wonderful place where government takes care of all the peoples needs. It's just strange to me that people die trying to get out of those wonderful places to come here, sorry I guess I am confused.

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