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February 01, 2010


Hi Brian !
Just stepped out of the 'church' to see what's happening outdoors...

I like the way you connect with people. Your blogs serve as a good reminder to reach out to people, to communicate... Well, speaking for myself, that is what I take home from here.

As someone who is half your age ( and a quarter of your experience ) I feel inspired to develop myself as a person first, before getting too caught up with religion, spirituality, mysticism etc. at this point in my life.

Anyway, I am happy to read this story. It is kind of you to have thought about giving the guy a five dollar bill.


Many Splits, it'd have been even kinder of me to have given the guy my twenty dollar bill. But that didn't feel right at the time. All we can do is what seems proper to do at any moment.

Yes, many people consider spirituality to be somehow separate from everyday life. They're looking for something transcendent that will transport them from this realm of sin, illusion, suffering, materiality, or what not.

Yet all this looking can (and does) prevent someone from seeing what is right in front of them. If God/Reality is omnipresent -- where else could it be? -- then spiritual seeking is like searching for my car keys when I'm holding them in my hand.

The more I look, the less I find, until I finally notice that I've got what I mistakenly thought I was missing.

I see that most people need to hold on to that ' something divine ' to provide them with a sort of reassurance that ' everything will be okay ' in life. Their faith is based on their insecurities.

For the past few years I was internally brewing with the craziest fears ! Nothing helped. Finally, I decided to visit a psychiatrist. I visited a few and then settled for the one I thought would be helpful. Now, after six months of voluntary psycho-therapy, I am beginning to feel progressively better.

The psychiatric consultant I am seeing is a qualified doctor.
( I'm quite sure he not God ! )
Some friends & relatives I've talked to seem to have these ( similar ) opinions -

01. It is by God's ( or RS Masters' if they are initiates ) grace that you have found the right doctor !

02. Its all about ' karmas ' and you were meant to suffer, but now the ' karmas ' have passed, all will be okay.

03. You will meet the right doctor only at the right ' time ' ! Your ' time ' had come to meet this doctor.

04. Ah ! I just knew you'd be okay. After all, you have so much faith. ( In God or RS Master ) You had to be okay !

05. It is nothing but a small ' test ' of faith. Beg for his mercy. May he not ' test ' you again ! Just meditate.

06. You are just a ' puppet ' in his hands ! It is all his doing and is his ' will ' that you are okay now.

Whoa !

How about - I should've just used my brain and sought help earlier on ! I now believe its important to take responsibility for ones own life and ' seek ' out the stuff that is readily available ! Most things in life are.

I do believe in karma, to the extend that I want to do good and be a good person. About sowing and reaping, I don't know, there are no established facts. But I'd like to be nice to my hairdresser, I really don't want a bad haircut the next time I visit !

Most people miss out on the present moment, by chasing an illusionary faith, path, belief... ... :)

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