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February 27, 2010


I like this guy's site, Skeptical Science http://www.skepticalscience.com/ for a look at all the latest information coming out and analyzing it from a scientific perspective. He's in Australia and although not a climatologist, he is a scientist. The denial of it is political and it won't change it. The problem is it might already be too late to stop it and we need to be prepared. Looking at the little Ice Age in Europe that was so destructive to human life tells you it happens without us but what we might do is make it much much worse. The ignorance about it is deliberate but it's as much the fault of the people as those who profit from the lies and distortions of facts.

My dear, carbon-based life-form brother Brian -

The amount of carbon on planet earth (including the atmosphere which is simply less dense than solid matter) is effectively constant. Human beings are, ostensibly, the penultimate development of the carbon cycle - our intelligence is inextricably bound up with the "carbon cycle" - which is a prosaic way of describing molecular activity. It seems very clear that life as we know it is a process of structuring or arranging molecules in orderly, predictable patterns.

The confounding dilemma is that it is not possible to indefinitely maintain any sort of structure. A vastly oversimplified statement relating to the second law of thermodynamics is: everything that is put together falls apart. Entropy.

So this global warming/climate change phenomena we highly organized carbon-based life forms observe is simply molecular activity. Nothing more, noting less. The fact that all life is transient in nature is guaranteed. Our non-survival as a species is a foregone conclusion.

Rush Limbaugh and your local minister or priest will tell you that we are created by an intelligence that transcends physicality and that we are not capable of destroying our environment by way of our decisions. And so - we can gleefully drive around in our Escalades and Hummers because that is what we are supposed to do - if we can do it.

Whatever humans end up doing as a species can only be construed as inevitable, since survival is the goal of organized systems and entropy proves that all structures tend toward disorganization. The controversial economist John Maynard Keynes is often quoted as saying "in the long run, we're all dead".

It's just the carbon cycle being the carbon cycle.

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