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February 07, 2010


Andrew Sullivan addressed the connection between the teabaggers and Christian conservatives-- Christocrats. That's why these people supported Bush and will support Palin. I think any fiscally conservative Republican better think long and hard about what is taking over their party. That movement talks conservative while it favors more wars. This talk of socialism is just a red herring that they are finding effective. Most who talk that way don't even know what a socialist would look or talk like. When Obama helped certain companies, it was with a short term plan to eventually get them disconnected from the government. There is no plan to permanently own the means of production. If someone is worried about that, they should worry more about the military/industrial complex that benefits from these constant wars. They might worry also about the large militia growing in this country that was Blackwater and now is Xe... and if someone doesn't think Xe has a religious connection, they aren't paying attention.

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