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January 20, 2010


I care but I feel we need a third party. I just wonder if we had one where we had a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, would they get to DC and totally turn it around? It seems it's such a corrupt environment that nothing good can come out of it. When they gave Nelson the pork to get his vote on health care (and I agree that's a lousy word for what that ended up), they lost any possible credibility with the American people whatever party they were in.

I really don't understand many of the nuances of health care reform but I was optimistic about more universal coverage and reining in some of the worst insurance abuses. Now I'm wondering if anything is likely to change at all with the pivotal Mass. election. But my confidence in Obama began eroding early after the bailouts. The administration's obligatory wringing of hands and feigned outrage over bonuses seemed perfunctory if not disingenuous. Then, with the surge in Afghanistan, there was some serious slippage. A complicated issue certainly but I don't believe the surge will quicken the end however much the "success" of the Iraq surge is trumpeted.

Yet in spite of doubts, I still have hope that some of Obama's vision will be realized ...even with a much slower, more evolutionary path than I ever expected.

Nate Silver nailed it today in "Will the base abandon hope?" Short answer, from me: hell, yes!

I'm strongly leaning toward ditching my Democrat voter registration and going back to non-affiliated. I'm fed up with the Democrats, and I've always been fed up with the Republicans.

I only changed to a "D" to be able to vote for Obama in the Oregon presidential primary. Since Progressive Change hasn't occurred, and likely won't, I want to send a message to the Dems by losing one voter that they'd better wake up before they get sent back to minority status in Congress.

The democrats like Obama, Pelosi and Reid have been possesed by hubris born of the mis-perception of unstoppable power to further their agenda and vision and simply aren't hearing the people. Now they have heard the message but they still may not get it, or worse, they may get it and not care (more likely).

You can't ram an incomprehensible health care reform plan down their throats, exhorbitant spending, vast government expansion, increased taxation and leniency with terrorists (the NY trials) without getting them teed off... or should I have said tea'd off?

I think Blogger Brian makes a good point here...

"...most people in Congress are focused on winning re-election because politics is a job for them, not a calling."

--Obviously. For most of them political office and the process of getting there is seen as an opportunity to gain connections that advance power and wealth which far exceeds the salary and job description. Political office in this country is much like an appliance store which is actually a front for a mob's money laundering operation.

And imo Blogger Brian nails it here:

"Problem is, going back to a Republican majority in Congress won't change anything. We had wasteful spending and corporate sucking-up under the Republicans. Now we've got it under the Democrats. No difference."

--It's time for a new party, an alternative focused on the Constitution and the values of freedom and liberty on which it is based. Not a nanny-state upon whose tit we can suck to the grave or corporate dominance either, but rather the freedom to succeed or fail based upon our talents and initiative in a political climate free of the cronyism with business rampant with both republicans and democrats today.

I agree with this except for that I think it would be even worse if the Republicans won more seats again - remember the Supreme court - look what just happened with the corporations being able to "speak" politically now. We have to hope that one of those guys will retire so Obama can appoint a new one.

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