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January 28, 2010


i absolutely agree with you... as we all love it but it just seems a bit pointless... imean there are laptops and iphones and gaming consoles... where are we going to need this?
ow and your comment "(the iPad is like an iPod Touch or iPhone on steroids..."... that is so hilarious and oidcourse so true.

totally agree about being able to hi-lite and add notes to the book. I'd even like to add audio clips to a passage. I ought to be able to set up a note taking session, and have all the hi-lites and notes associated to that session. The ability to do that is the only thing that would get me to open my wallet.

Same issues for PDF files!

Sigh...the more I read about the iPad, the more I think it isn't worth buying in its current form. Maybe the next incarnation/version, though. Read some first impressions from the Engadget crew and weep (if you, like me, thought the iPad was going to be a "must have" like the iPhone was for so many people).

Plus, the general consensus is that dedicated ebook readers like the Kindle are much easier on the eyes, and have much longer battery life. It is indeed kind of wearing to stare at a LCD screen, such as I'm doing on my MacBook, for a long time. And the screen is tough to read in sunlight or with a light glaring behind you.

So now I'm hoping that Amazon will respond to the iPad challenge by coming out with a new and improved Kindle soon. It's been almost a year since the Kindle DX was released. Seemingly a Kindle 3 should be close to being announced.

I would much more prefer to read a book then to read it off a screen. I can't see myself go for an E-book anywhere in the near future.

Yes, iam totally agree with you.
Iam fans of ebook reader.
iBook will be useless without highlight, bookmark, annotate, and pdf support.

You need to contact the enginners who produced it, not the sales team. All we do is take orders for what other's have designed. Sheesh!

The bookmark feature actually does highlight text" but sadly there is no annotation that I can find.

I would love to get an iPad, if only I could afford one at the moment. The lack of PDF highlighting and annotation is extremely disappointing.

Oh, and stylus support would be really nice.

Your problems with highlighting with the iPAD are OVER thanks to the kindle app specifically designed for the iPAD. With the Kindle app loaded onto your iPAD you have a larger selection of books including texts as well as the capability of bookmarking, highlighting in color and appending notes to any given area of the book. The iPAD with the Kindle app is awesome.

AEWWED, I'm pleased with your enthusiasm for the Kindle app + iPad. This fits with some other discussion (and a poll) about Kindle v. iPad that I read this morning:

It's sounding like reading books on the iPad with the Kindle app is a better experience than with iBooks.

Thanks for such a nice blog post....i was searching for something like that.

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