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December 15, 2009


I don't know but it's disillusioning at the moment. IF this ends up costing more and increasing our deficit, something they say they will not let happen, then it will be worse than nothing. I hope for the best also but it's hard right now. To see Lieberman be able to control what happens. One man... Makes me think that it's a game they are playing to make it look one way while they do another. It's not about him. It's what they all want which is to keep insurance profits high

I am looking at the bill as having some positives even without the public option or Medicare coverage at a younger age because the bill does make some significant changes to the system and makes the federal government "interested" in the health of Americans. If the bill can pass and some of the benefits can be rolled out soon enough, this means that taking away the reforms will likely be met with significant resistance.

Once in place, the process of adding cost controls will come next as will the removal of loop holes that will inevitably be exploited. The bill will be evolved over time by both parties in quiet amendments that will even have bipartisan support in some cases because the public will no longer be watching as intently and the legislators will get back to what they should be doing.

This needs to be stopped now. This bill is worse than nothing and has a great chance at turning the nation Repug in 2010 when people are forced to buy health insurance. Time to start over. And while Lieberman is slime, this is Obama's mess. He cut the deals with Pharma and destroyed Durbin's bill to let us buy from Canada.

This will do nothing for most of us re. the astronomically high cost of US health care - far higher than in any other industrialized nation. So what if insurance companies can no longer refuse to carry you, if you can't afford to pay inflated hospital, clinic and prescription drug prices?

And speaking of being unable to afford something, how fair is it to gut the public and medicare aspects of the bill and then force everyone to buy from private insurance companies? I wish somebody would do that with my business; make it a law that people had to buy what I am selling or go to jail.

Its too much now i am really fad up with health care reform..

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