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December 29, 2009


This is great, I am looking at these washers and specifically told the sales people that I didn't want the silver in my washer so they steered me towards these that you have. I was skeptical about the activfresh option and no one really knew what it did so upon further investigation I did find that its the silvercare in disguise. I am glad to see that you called Samsung, that was my next move. I wonder if the silver bar can actually just be removed completely? Its apparently made to last 2000 washes, that sounds replaceable so therefore ultimately removable? Thanks for putting this up!

Steph, my wife asked the same questions you did. She was told that a repair technician can remove the silver bar if desired. However, we feel that it's OK to leave it in, since you have to press the ActivFresh button to activate that feature.

The washer and dryer have been working great for us, by and large. My wife encountered some streaks on jackets she washed, but this almost certainly was caused by something in our well water interacting with the fabric, or what was on the fabric.

I enjoy the "refresh" cycle on the dryer a lot, which uses the steam feature, I'm pretty sure. It's great to be able to toss some crumpled-up pants or a shirt into the dryer, let it/them spin for 15 minutes, and then have them come out wrinkle free.

I can't wait to get this washing machine!! I don't understand all the fear surrounding a washing machine that utilizes silver as a cleaning and sanitizing agent... that's specifically the reason I WANT it.

Silver has amazing properties for not just cleaning uses but healing as well, people regularly take silver (in the colloid and ionic forms) for health and they are healthier than ever, And if you are thinking of that blue man, well he was drinking a whole glass full every day and was using a home made generator that doesn't measure the output (also note that he is not ill at all the blue skin is really just a cosmetic issue), now everyone else that uses it takes it by the tablespoon, only drinking a glass of it when seriously sick, and generally they buy a generator that measures the output and then double checks it with a meter.

What I find silly about the whole issue is that detergents are POISONous, dangerous to health and should NOT be in our water supply but no one seems to be too worried about that, I'd rather have the natural that is found in the environment anyways that the man made chemical concoction.

Ions are not nano particles!

The first question to ask is "who benefits"? Why are these nano-particles being put into so many products? Just increasing sales? Please do some solid research on nano-particles of all kinds, especially heavy metals like silver. In an experiment with earthworms and gold nano-particles, the particles did not appear to harm the worms themselves but they produced 90% fewer offspring. Also, there is a big difference between a chemical which will ultimately break down and silver which never will. Nano-particles of heavy metals are with us forever. Not all detergents are dangerous--look around.

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