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December 27, 2009


A pundit commented on George Stepanoupolos today
that TSA goes after the miscreant article
of clothing since it's not pc to profile racially. So underwear may be next on the conveyor belt... :)

The stay seated in the last hour rule is preventive. A terrorist who manages to smuggle chemicals on a plane will likely need to mix them in private. Second the last attempt seems motivated by a desire for a fiery crash on the ground that would likely be filmed, be widely seen, and therefore likely spread terror among millions; thus the aim is not to bring down the plane over the ocean. The rule makes sense; stop bitching and live with it I say. And thanks to the Dutch passenger who intervened.

Don, I disagree: the rule doesn't make sense. As I said in this post, it assumes that terrorists are mindless robots who will continue to do the same thing, time after time, not adjusting to after-the-fact security policy changes.

Do you really think that from now on terrorists will only try to bring down planes during the last hour of a flight? And only use the methods they've used in the past? I sure don't.

It's like only locking the door that a thief used to get into the house, and leaving others open.

Now our security czar is admitting that the system failed:

However, I doubt that there will be a reassessment of our whole approach to airport/airplane security. As a proud progressive I'm by now means anti-government.

But certainly government programs can suffer from rigidity, bureaucracy, and a mindless "this is the way we've always done it" attitude. The TSA needs a shake-up.

I agree the system failed. I never thought for a second this defensive maneuver will be adequate in all cases; just some. They are indeed smart and are climbing a learning curve. They will probe in lots of ways--maybe send several parties on one plane, search for a bomb quick to assemble if needing assembly at all. If they can't blow a plane up at an airport they may be happy to settle for lots of other "prizes." One analogy is two pro football teams facing off; there are many points of attack, many needed defenses.We agree that it is pointless to be "anti-government." We need to build a more optimal one. But some inconvenience is a price we all have to pay---and in newer ways no doubt. For all we know a hundred or five hundred attacks have been thwarted.Or maybe six. But over time some will likely succeed; it is a new world. Still no silver bullets.

This is ridiculous. How are we going to tell who's muslim? What terrorist or non-terrorist muslim is going to volunteer that on a form if they know that it is going to single them out for harassment? It will just come down to allowing "judgement calls," which means brown men, bearded men... then an hispanic woman will do the next attack and you'll be saying, why were they trying to stop the last attack!? Sorry, the system works fine. 1 in 10M is a better error rate than almost any human system.

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