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November 03, 2009


Brian, I am sorry and I understand your frustration. Granted, I am a (mostly)conservative and so the less Obama makes good on his promises, the better. But I am no stranger to political disappointment and I genuinely understand how you feel. There is always a disconnect between what people will say to get elected and what they actually commit to doing. Otto von Bismarck said that "Politics is the art of the possible"...it doesn't matter what you want, only what you can achieve. That is sad to accept, and as another human being, albeit with vastly different politics, I share in your annoyance with our political system and the people that gravitate to it.

Obama is nothing but a charmer, a slick charismatic who was in the right place at the right time. All he had to be was not Bush and repeat "hope-change" like a metronome with a toothy grin and the superficial sound-byte mentality of the public bought it.

The republicans sealed their fate by nominating a thread-bare old man with enough baggage to fill a boxcar.

Not to mention all the residual guilt left over from slavery. We owed them one after all our past transgressions, right?

It never occurs to people that even in the days of slavery at least half of the country was against it or at least didn't didn't participate in it. Yet black activists to this day still resent whites, conveniently forgetting that half of the whites at that time fought and died for their freedom!!

But this is not a white or black thing now. Obama is simply incompetent.

People, you made your bed by voting for him. Now you'll have to lie in it.

Right when Obama was elected (as relieved as I was, I was not a supporter), I started a label on my blog "the limits of the presidency." I knew it would be like this.

Here's what gets me. The zealousness of the anti-Obama folks.

What is there to be Zealous about? The health-care bill is well on it's way to a weak-kneed, corporate-induced death-by-attenuation. That's about all he's really tried to do. Other than that, it's almost completely business as usual.

What are all you people so effing riled up about? He's not DOING anything.

There are still people being tortured in your name. Terror suspects are still being assassinated without trial, on nearly a daily basis (via drones in Pakistan, for instance). Both war fronts are going strong.

WHAT are all you people whining about?

Honestly, I think it boils down to racism in the majority of cases. Racism and hysteria.


What are we whining about?
Over 1 trillion for healthcare,Cap & Trade, which will destroy this economy and which you may not even know what that is. He can't make a decision on troops. All the loon Czars.He only has time to be on TV and parties at the White House. There are more race problems than ever because of the way he governs not because of his color. He has done nothing good for this country, if it's not a photo op he does't do it.

Seven stories Obama doesn't want told:


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