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November 09, 2009


Religion is still the almighty in this country and religion as the right wing so decrees. This is another example of it: http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2009/11/religions-intrusion-into-health-care-reform.html Apparently they will pay for prayer for healing. Why not witchdoctors?

This is why you don't want government running healthcare. You don't want the authority of a central, general bureaucratic policy being applied to the nuance of unique individual situations. "Sorry, but the procedure you request doesn't fall under the guidelines of Section 42B, subsection 22, line 5."

By the way, I'm not religious and abortion creeps me out. Generally, it's a cop out escape for the consequences of irresponsible behavior. A life has been snuffed. Period. No two ways about it. But I understand there are unique situations that are personal and it's up to the individual to decide what to do about them. They should have that choice, distasteful as it is. But make your fucking mind up early, so some Tiller baby killer doesn't get to do their late term dirty work.

I emailed Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon and asked them if my policy included coverage for abortions.

Regence is pretty secretive about this question. I couldn't find an answer by Googling. After I emailed them, I got a response that asked me for my policy number or date of birth.

After supplying this info, I waited another couple of days before getting the answer:

"Your non-group policy does provide coverage for termination of pregnancy as a part of the maternity benefits for eligible members. Eligible claims are covered the same as other medical services."

So Regence does cover abortions. I'm not sure why this isn't spelled out openly in the thick Premier contract, which otherwise goes into great detail about what is covered, and what isn't. I guess Regence Blue Cross of Oregon is trying to avoid controversy.

Why not allow women choose to have retroactive abortions up to age 3?That would give them time to decide if they really want to be a mother.

The u.s. govt should never pay for killing a baby.Germany was the last country to try that and look what that lead to.If a women doesn't want children she should always hold a tennis ball between her knees when in the company of a man.

m.g. burns, you're wrong. Many countries in the world pay for abortion through their national health plans. Those in Europe, for example:

Abortion is legal. What's the harm in insurance plans, public or private, paying for it? If this country doesn't want women to have abortions, it should be made illegal.

Here's how European countries look upon abortion. Just as in the United States, there are some limitations upon it, but otherwise it is legal and paid for.

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