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October 03, 2009


The only reason this issue is being raised at all is because "they" do have power, i.e. influence. Otherwise those that disagree with them wouldn't bother to write columns saying they don't.

Of course they have power and influence. Millions of people listen to them everyday.

But "they" do not all fall into the same basket. Michael Savage is far different than Bill O'Reilly for example.

Savage is radical and inflamatory but also perceptive and smart. O'Reilly is traditional conservative but not nearly as right as he is hyped up to be by the far left. I call him a moderate. He calls himself an independent.

Savage is confrontational, rude, arrogant and doesn't back down which is why liberals don't like him.

Bill Mahr is confrontational, rude, arrogant and doesn't back down. That's why conservatives don't like him.

What a game. The balanced view snakes and weaves its way from side to side as conditions dictate like a river through the landscape, sometimes left and sometimes right. A time to push, a time to yield. A time to be hard, a time to be soft. You know, the watercourse way.

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