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October 05, 2009


Booo!!! Claiming victory in an unfinished game is very poor Beersbee etiquette! :-)

It's unfortunate that the camera did not catch one of Brian's numerous diving catches. Very impressive!

Zack, jeez -- probably next you're going to be complaining about the double-sided tape we stuck on the bottom of our bottle when you weren't looking, saying that's poor etiquette also.

Jerry, you are so right. I can't believe I forgot to mention my marvelous diving catches. Randy, our otherwise skilled photographer of this event, will have a portion of his compensation revoked (after I figure out how to subtract from zero; guess this means he owes me money now).

Actually, we did have two frisbees. Jerry managed to break that one, too. I guess the old codgers tactics are to break the equipment before they run out of energy to complete the contest. Your scheme has been revealed. Good luck in your next Beersbee contest!

Corey, damn, you found us out.

It's interesting, though, that only the "old codgers" had enough strength and skill to throw the frisbees with pinpoint accuracy so they hit a bottle with sufficient force to break.

Perhaps, grasshopper, one day you will learn the secrets of the Beer Frisbee Jedi elders (to mix Kung Fu and Star Wars allusions).

The way we play it is you get 21 points and game over when the opposing players bump heads diving for the frisbee or the bottle and knock themselves unconscious. Actually there is no need to be awarded 21 points as you win by default. If you can regularly make an opposing team do this then you can claim mastery of beer frisbee.

Great Beersbee shots! You should upload some to the beersbee facebook page... www.facebook.com/Beersbee

Help take Beersbee national!


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