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September 08, 2009


Why are You Jealous of the Godaddy ceo parsons???? That all it is

Interestingly enough, after seeing the REALLY sexist Go Daddy spot today, I've decided to look for a new company as well. The fact that Parsons is a GOP activist now makes me want to switch even more.

I'm heading over to Dotster now. Hopefully, they won't treat me like I'm a horny teenager, either.


After receiving another email update from GoDaddy advertising Parsons' radio show applauding the work of Senator Fred Thompson and condemning work by the current Administration, I realize now that I too have had enough. The in your face pushing of politics is not what I am interested in for services being rendered. I had ignored most of this the last four months, but the advertising and political posture / advertising is getting out of hand.

I am certain the transfer of the domains will be onerous (as I had just transferred to GoDaddy earlier this year) but it will be worth in in the long run. Frank above, need not reply to this - spend your time carrying Parsons' water instead.

After the experience I had with Godaddy over the hacking incident this weekend, I'm convinced that the GoDaddy girls do more than just look sexy. I think that they also handle the security and customer service for Godaddy!

Considering the large number of hypocritical, liberal, billionaire CEOs (Ebay, Microsoft, etc) who tell us WE need to pay more taxes, I think I will be switching all my domains, hosting and as much as possible over to godaddy.com. This will be a HUGE win for them as I do a large number of fortune 500 work and hosting. Thanks for filling me in on the fact that he is a conservative and a marine. The fact that he does NOT push his agenda in people's faces like the other, liberal billionaires makes me happy I came here and read this because I would never have known.
A fellow conservative, Army veteran.

PS: I really do hate the cheesy commercials. Degrading, stupid and, frankly, completely unnecessary. What does that have to do with domain registration. Just dumb.

Thank you HineSight! I am female, been with godaddy for years since my former partner set me up with them. As a mother with daughters in law, I have been overlooking the sexism in godaddy's campaign - and have given them leeway thru my perspective of the sheer joy of being in a female body - which, I admit, has its joy in being appreciated. Yet, I beleive it IS the female's downfall when we buy into the objectification of our own personal T&A. F*%k that I say - As I belive is the sole reason our planet orbits as an oval versus a sphere....

yup he is a sexist idiot
i ahve 15 domains with go daddy and im looking to move them
thanks for your post

really?, by the way dotster is no angel....

"GOP activist", how about "DEM activist", would that disqualify some one, or maybe "Independent activist" or "No Party sloth", come on...

"I'm fine with having gorgeous females presented as mindless objects of desire. That's a great way to grab the attention of a male mind."
Um... so you're cool with sexism, but not at all cool with sexism. Wow. I've never seen anyone highlight their progressivity while simultaneously completely eradicating it. Just saying.

Just don't move them to dotster. Their support is horrible.

name.com is the way to go for awesome support. And they don't shoot Elephants.

Bob Parsons is no longer with Godaddy! Everything is changing now. For me I use https://www.cheapdomainregistration.com/ avery good one. Cheaper than Godaddy and Dotster

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