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September 20, 2009



Had a Yamaha Majesty 400 but traded it in on a new Kawasaki zx6r. The zixer is a lot of fun BUT any more than a couple of hours riding in that bent over position and my neck is sore and my hands have gone numb.
Awesome bike and scary fast, especially up around 10-15,000 rpm. I just can't see myself runnin to work a 12k rpm is all.

So I'm thinking about getting a Burgman. Top of the line Maxi-Scoot IMHO. Anyone interested in a barely broke in ZX6R? =)

I like your blog site. I can relate to the Church of the Churchless theme.

Fellow Goatonapoler
Michael in Vancouver, WA

Michael, you'll love the Burgman's ride. My only previous motorcycle was a Yamaha Seca II some fifteen years ago or so. Like you said, the vibration made my hands tingle after half an hour or so. Occasionally I'd ride with some friends who had big Honda Gold Wings. I'd be envious of how comfortable they were.

Now, with my Burgman, I'm not envious anymore. I haven't felt a trace of vibration in the grips. And I really like propping my feet against the large foot rests. Much better than pegs. With the XL Clearview screen, I'm a happy rider. When I lowered the screen a few inches yesterday, the increased wind buffeting was obvious.

Good to know there's another Goatonapole devotee here in the northwest. If we get ten thousand more of us, we'll have to build a temple or something. Or maybe just eat goat cheese once a year with red wine. Yeah, that sounds easier.

Michael You will love your Burgman Excecutive as I do. I sold my Harley Decker a few weeks ago to now have some fun in my 70th year as many Harley seniors are going Burgman. I have ordered the Clearview shield and will probably get some more riding in this fall as it is mighty cold here in the cold country. I was on the free way yesterday and it was 4 degrees and windy so I am looking to ride some more especially with the heated seat and handle bars that are a real improvement and keep you nice and warm on these cold days in October and November.
Happy riding mate.
Hamilton Township.

I put the Givi luggage carrier on the back of my Burgman and carry four to five bags of grocery's. Also got the Givi windshield and it keeps you warmer and dryer.
Let me know if anyone needs part numbers.
I'm looking at post for the 650. Just returned home this evening and found mine stolen from my garage. Real bummer.

Alex, I'm interested in learning more about the Givi luggage carrier. Let me know the Givi part number. Since I have a 650 Executive, there might be some differences in the Givi carrier though, if you don't ride an Exec. I'd like to be able to carry more stuff around. Do you find that the carrier affects the performance/balance of the scooter?

I have a 2004 burgman 650 and absolutely have a great time on it. I live in Northern Michigan and my Son and I are riding to Niagra falls (sp). I would like to chrome certain parts on my bike any ideas?

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