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August 05, 2009


"Now, more than a little strangely, it is the right-wingers who are disrupting meetings with angry shouting, trying to drown out calm, reasoned discourse about an important national problem."

--I don't think they are right wingers. It is the silent majority who has come out to play. They're just regular folks who are sick and tired of this dysfunctional government unable to listen to or address their concerns. They don't want this ill-conceived controversial health care package rammed down their throats in a rush without careful consideration of all its ramifications. The stakes are too high. They're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.

tucsoN, polls point toward the opposite conclusion: more Americans support Obama's health care reform than oppose it (CNN found 50% in favor and 45% in opposition).

But those opposed are more likely to go to town hall meetings. So the Silent Majority isn't being heard as much as the screamers. This will change, I suspect, as the angry mob tactics backfire.

45% against it. That's a lot of people, don't you think? Are they all mouth-breathing idiots whose objections amount to no more than ignorant drivel? It would be wise to coherently resolve the issues they raise before rushing headlong into this thing. Better to take the time to do it right. Most senators admit to not having read the whole thing. Incredible.

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