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August 01, 2009


It is absolutely maddening and commentators like Larson should be embarrassed but shame doesn't seem one of their 'emotions'. They sure milk the rest. They get talking points or all go to the same source for their mind set and off they go.

It's like the Democrats want to kill old people shtick. How could that work? How could old people (in which category I fit) fall for it and yet they do. It is absolutely insane and yet nearly half our country are buying into it and maybe more than half.

Republicans need to make up their minds as to what they want to teach for fear-- it's going to bankrupt us or it's going to kill off everybody to make it cheap. They throw both out and hope one sticks. They ought to be ashamed.

If there is no public option, there will just be a tide of money flowing to those insurance companies who already have had 400% profit increase over the last 8 years. There has to be more than temporary regulations that *wink wink* are forgotten the next year.

They say government can't run it efficiently as insurance companies and in the next breath say the insurance companies can't compete. Medicare, Veteran's insurance, and Congress's policies prove they can run it and if the insurance companies aren't forced to compete, they will not.

Americans of both parties need to wake up and smell the coffee. Their emotions of fear and anger are once again being stoked to keep the money and power right where it is. And if Democrats aren't also pressured to do what is right, they won't do it either.

the receptionist said:

" 'Health insurance companies already do that! They tell people what doctors they can see, what services they can and can't get, what health conditions are covered and which aren't. They interfere in patient care a lot.' "

--So, why do we want to go to the trouble and expense of switching this problem from the private sector to the government? On what basis can we assume government will do a better job?

Maybe it would be simpler and cheaper to create new laws that prevent private insurance companies from engaging in unfair, unethical and discriminatory practices.

tucsoN, we do need those laws to better regulate the health insurance industry. But here's another issue:

There's Blue Cross of Oregon. And of Washington. And of every other state, so far as I know. We have a vastly duplicative system of health insurance companies, each with highly paid executives, managers, and other staff.

I suspect that a nationwide public plan, whether government run or non-profit, would have considerably lower administrative costs owning to an economy of scale.

We have a decentralized health care delivery system, because no one can get care from someone far away. But there's no reason why the health insurance system has to be so localized, which, again, leads to lots of inefficiencies.

Someone in Chicago could pay my doctor's bills just as well as Regence BlueCross in Portland, Oregon. This is why a single payer plan makes so much sense. Health care should be local; paying for health care should be centralized.

I am insured with a shitty company called Assurant. They really ARE assholes and make everything difficult every step of the way. It seems they are so invested in difficulty that they even make it difficult for themselves. They wallow in difficulty. I wonder if they even know there is something other than difficulty.

Anyway, the reason I got hooked up with them is that they ARE a central rather than local company. They are one of the few companies I know of whose medical insurance policies are transferable from state to state without having to go through the underwriting process. This appealed to me because we tend to move a lot and have pre-existing conditions that would likely make it hard to get coverage from a new company (I got a blister on my toe in 1972). I have experienced no advantage in efficiency of service from Assurant despite their "central" administration.

When I lived in Oregon through the 90's Lifewise was a good company. I got good service from them and no hassles at all. I have heard they have gone downhill since then.

Assurant used to be called Fortis when I signed up with them. Fortis had a very good reputation, but they got out of the insurance business and now these creeps manage the show. An evil pall fell upon the industry and it needs an exorcism no doubt, but I don't think government should be in charge except to create laws that prevent insurance companies from operating as they do.

Does anyone know where I can find a blank "Sheriff Personal Form" to fill out?

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