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August 23, 2009


Brian - Can your scooter carry passengers? If so, does your wife go scootering with you sometimes? It sounds like a lot of fun.

Pam, it does carry a passenger. And my wife never rides with me. Laurel is accepting of my scootering, but not approving. She considers motorcycles and scooters to be too dangerous for sane human transportation. I differ. That's fine. If everybody thought like me, they'd all be me -- which would leave me in a world of only me. Pretty boring and lonely.

Brian, I also just turned 60, and bought a Burgman 650, small world. Both my wife and I had ridden motorcycles 20 years ago, but quit because we were concerned about who would raise our kids if we were killed or injured while riding. When I turned 60 and the kids were all off on there own lives so I decided to take up riding again. When I first suggested getting a scooter she said she thought we were over that. I made sure she would at least try to ride if I got one and she said she would so I we went looking. I found a used one and test drove it, when I returned I asked how I looked on it. She said the one thing that convinced me I need one. She said "You looked younger" Since than she riding on the back so much we bought her a Red 400 and I found a Red 650 Executive so now we match. We are loving our rediscovered lives. Your stories are so much like what we are experiencing but not able to put in word. Thanks for doing it for us and keep up the great work.


Randy, our stories do sound similar. Except, my wife has no interest in riding with me, or by herself. That's fine. We don't have to enjoy all of the same things.

Congratulations on looking younger on your Burgman. I definitely feel younger. And my full-face helmet does a good job of covering up my gray hair and beard -- along with the rest of my head. So I guess I also look young on my scooter. Or at least, not old. Not anything, really, until I take my helmet off.

I have an 09 Burgman and my wife loves riding with me. WQe are planning some longer trips this summer. I Love the way my Burgman Handles and it instant power. ) to 115 very quickly leaves most Cruiser wondering where did he go. HA Just riding and going through my second childhood. The BUrgman is a great Ride. Check mine out under pictures at www.billycarson.com

Riding a scooter/motorcycle is not always good for all. It depends on many criteria. As I'm a regular scooter rider is saying that It fall me in back pain issue. But I'm mention all you rider's please Put a helmet every time on riding. It is really safe for your health with your brain. #Lol

Great article! 100% agree. It is important to continue do the things you love. Motorcycling gets bad press as being dangerous. However, if you do it safely your risk of injury is minimal.

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