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August 11, 2009


It is crazy and it has been for eight years when people voted against their own personal interests based on this same kind of hysteria. I have to think that today it's worse because racism has been added to the mix. I am not saying for all who oppose health care reform. Some of them, like the Medicare recipients, are just ignorant but there is a percentage of the loud mouths who are using the tactics that fought against Civil Rights and feel threatened by power being shifted. Their ignorance makes them easy targets to be used and they are being used. What they are currently proposing might not be enough but I believe we have to do it now or their voices will just get louder and more unreasonable. The information on this is out there but they don't want to look.

this is the first I have been to your blog and I would just like to say THANK GOD, UNIVERSE, for WHOEVER you are!!! I was thinking I had gotten off the bus on the wrong planet, where did everybody go? I still have faith in our President, several years before the end of Bush's term I had long since stopped calling him president. Thief, liar, moron are just adjectives, need I say more? I can't believe those who are blaming Obama for this mess, and barely 6mos into his term are complaining, how many years did the Bush's rape and pillage the american people and they think it should be fixed!! Makes my blood boil. Anyhoo the more I read the more I felt like yeah man....keep the faith!! Thanks you made my day!

Were you born stupid or just working on it? Obama has said several times, he wants a single payer system. Listen to his words, not just what you want him to say. Single payer will be a nightmare, if you don't think so move to Europe or Canada and make the US a better place. Wish you guys would look at what is being offered, or are you the same as Congress and have not read it either, if it only had a brain. Keep smoken and Obama will be what you want.

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