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August 19, 2009


I agree with you. That's totally nuts. Something is really wrong with our country and part is how our priorities are screwed up.

Dear Brian,

How does this principle apply to Governor Sanford, and with the Republicans associated with the C Street cult?

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, there are clear differences between our sheriff and these other infidelities.

First, Sanford (and maybe others) used public resources to fund his affair. And he left his elected position unfilled while he went off to Argentina to see his lover. So he mixed private and public in a way that the sheriff apparently didn't.

Second, I find hypocrisy more distasteful than a plain affair. Sanford and his conservative cronies are fond of getting on their moralistic high horse and preaching how everyone should follow their Biblical brand of right living. Which, of course, they weren't folllowing themselves. There's no indication the sheriff did this.

Lastly, I don't think public officials, of whatever political persuasion, should resign simply because they had a sexual affair. There needs to be a better reason, like dereliction of duty, for a resignation. In this case, the reason didn't have anything to do with the sheriff's duties, but rather seemingly was the result of his wanting to keep his personal life private -- entirely understandable.

Brian...the problem isn't that he had an affair. The problem is that he tried to bribe a subordinate with a promotion to keep quiet, and then lied to state investigators about the whole thing. Isham has been boinking people other than his wife for a long time...heck, that's how he met her in the first place. But when he starts to use his position to cover things up (and remember, it's not only unethical to use your position for financial gain, but also to avoid financial loss) that's where the problems start. I know all you Bill Clinton supporters think it's all about the sex and those moralizing republican bastards...but it's not. You cannot lie under oath - even about sex - and expect folks to just brush it off when you get caught...especially those people who should know better about things like testimony and honesty...like lawyers and police officers.

TheWatcher, you seem to know more than has been reported publicly so far. I'll wait to comment until the facts come out. My suspicion is that Isham rubbed some people in the Sheriff's Department the wrong way, and they were out to give him some payback. Hopefully I'm wrong, because Isham was doing a good job, so far as I know, and Marion County needs competent people like him.

Dear Brian,

So: the "principle" is that someone you regard as "like a great guy" - "good" by "all accounts" (except some of those that "TheWatcher" has had access to) - should not have his "private behavior" inquired into. Whereas you can/do find good excuses/rationalizations for criticism of those whom you dislike.

In other words: "It's a judgment call. I [Brian] make the calls, because I administer this blog."

I, too, find "hypocrisy" to be most "distasteful" - particularly regarding "cronies [who] are fond of getting on their moralistic high horse and preaching how everyone should follow their...brand of right living[, w]hich, of course, they weren't folllowing [sic] themselves."

As you say, "Something is wrong here. And part of that wrongness is how many people would disagree with me [= Brian] saying, something is wrong here." And all of the rest of us, therefore, presumably ought not differ from your opinions (and your way of running your blogs).

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I don't get your point. You're free to differ from my opinions, obviously. But you don't get to run my blogs.

Likewise, someone is free to criticize my driving. But they don't get to drive my car (or scooter). Isn't this obvious?

Anyway, you're mixing together comments from my two blogs, so this won't make sense to people who don't follow the comment conversations on both blogs.

If Isham had come senses, told his wife about the affair before he was caught, went to his superiors and asked for assistance chances are he still would have been fired or forced out. The sheriffs office does not like mistakes, lies or honesty and teaches those who work there to keep quiet...if you are well connected, you will get away with things. If someone wants you out for any reason (that reason could be that they enjoy removing people from their jobs) then you will be fired. The moral of the story is...if you are planning on working for law enforcement, learn to be perfect or learn to lie well!

Was Isham married before? Was his wife Susie married before?

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