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July 20, 2009


Two bills in Congress - the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act and the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act - could move federal marijuana policy two big steps forward. It's time to end the government's senseless and costly war on suffering patients and nonviolent marijuana users.

Tell your members of Congress to support a better marijuana policy:


I don't think possesion and use of marijuana should be a criminal issue, but it needs some form of regulation. It's bad for kids' developing brains and people shouldn't drive under the influence.

It turns some people into brain-dead slackers and others become schizo or paranoid. But that's their business if they're adults. Many can use it sensibly without much harm or even benefit if they have certain illnesses. It's up to you to regulate your personal behavior. I mean, you can also ruin your life with excessive doughnut use. Obesity is a growing problem and a societal issue.

I smoked some modern weed back in the nineties after about a three decade hiatus. It turned me into a slack-jawed lump mesmerized by whatever phenomena came into awareness. It was kick-ass strong. People should not drive on this stuff.

My main issue is I don't like the idea of another easily accessible drug for people to mess up with which we know they will given the chance. That's their business like I said, but it becomes my business if they T-bone me in an intersection because they spaced out. I do like the idea of taking criminals out of the marijuana business. Let the government tax it and use the revenue to fund obesity clinics or doughnut-eaters anonymous or something.

I would suggest using the revenue to pay down debt, but that would be too sensible and obvious a choice for government.

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